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The TripleA Map Generator is a free, open source tool to generate hexagon-based, random maps 

for the free, open source game platform TripleA. It was designed and tested on a Win7 x64 

machine using TripleA version It is written using C# and .NET 3.5.


TripleA should be installed first.

  Unzip the TripleAMapGeneratorBundle file to a temporary folder.

  Copy the Random_Campaign folder to your TripleA maps folder.

  Copy the TripleAMapGenerator folder to your Program Files folder.

  Create a desktop shortcut to TripleAMapGenerator.exe.


  Launch TripleAMapGenerator.

  Click "Browse".

  Navigate to and select the "Random_Campaign\games" folder under your TripleA maps 


  Click "OK".

  Click "Generate Map".

  Launch TripleA.

  Under "Choose Game", select the newly generated map.

  Click "OK".

  Click "Start Local Game".

  Change all but one of the dropdowns to the AI of your choosing (leaving one "Human").

  Click "Play".

TripleA Map Generator Documentation

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A screenshot of the UI with the default settings:

TripleA Map Generator Documentation

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Setting  Description

XML Folder Location  The location of the "Random_Campaign\games" folder. Use the 

"Browse" button to find it. This is where the game XML file will 

be written.

Game Type  Either Free for All (FFA) or Teams (Alliances)

Width  The map width in hexagons (5 - 20)

Height  The map height in hexagons (5 - 20)

Map Name  The default name starts with "RC_" so all will be grouped together 

within TripleA. The middle part is a time stamp to prevent overwriting previously generated games.

Number of Players  The number of players (2 - 8)

Number of Teams  If the Game Type is "Teams", enter the number of teams (2 - 4)

Percent Water  Determines the number of water hexagons (0 - 90)

Percent Impassable  Determines the number of impassable hexagons (0 - 50)

Capital Size  A Capital Size greater than one adds additional player owned 

hexagons adjacent to the capital. Each player capital is 

automatically a VC. (1 - 7)

Capital Distance  The minimum number of hexagons between player capitals (1 -19)

Resources Given  The initial resources given to each player (0 - 99)

Per Player Boost  If this amount is greater than zero, then each player, in turn order, 

gets this number of additional PUs, the last player getting the most 

resources. This only affects the initial round of play. (0 - 25)

Random Seed  The seed used for the pseudo random number generator. Click 

"New" to create a new seed. 

Percent Neutral Extras  After capital, water, and impassable hexagons are added, any 

remaining hexagons are considered neutral. By default they get 1 

PU and 1 infantry. A number in this text box will change a 

percentage of them to higher PU territories with additional units. 

(0 - 99)

Percent Victory Cities  After capital, water, impassable, and neutral extra hexagons, this 

number represents the percent of remaining neutral hexagons to 

designate as VC with 5 PU and 5 units. (1 - 10)

Include Additional Units  Adds a few additional units such as a 2-hit big armour and air 


Default Tech 

Development to true

If checked, the game generated will have Tech checked on the 

Game Options screen in TripleA. This may be changed after 

choosing the game in TripleA by clicking "Game Options" before 

starting the game.

Default Bid  The game generated will have each player's opening bid set to this 

value. This may be changed after choosing the game in TripleA by

clicking "Game Options" before starting the game.

TripleA Map Generator Documentation

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The TripleA Map Generator creates a TripleA game XML file which can be loaded and played in 

TripleA. The Random_Campaign folder contains all the resources necessary to play the game:

Resource  Description

baseTiles  The PNG image broken into 256 X 256 tiles by the Tile Image 

Breaker included with TripleA.

flags  Images borrowed from TripleA and the Tactics Campaign

games  This is where the XML output is written. It includes two example 


misc  The VC marker image from TripleA.

units  Unit images for each player borrowed from TripleA, Pact of Steel, 

and the Tactics Campaign.

centers.txt  The file created using TripleA's Center Picker  The file containing various map properties, such as player colors

place.txt  The file created using TripleA's Automatic Placement Finder

polygons.txt  The file created using TripleA's Polygon Grabber

Random_Campaign.png  The game's image file. It was created using the free, 3



MkHexGrid tool.

smallMap.jpeg  Image created using TripleA's Image Shrinker.

Two example games are included. You may play them after copying the Random_Campaign 

folder to the TripleA maps folder. You do not need to run the map generator to play them. They 

are representative of the type of games that may be generated.

When you run the map generator, only the XML file in the games folder is generated. All other 

resources are shared by the generated games. Since the games share the same 20 X 20 map, if a 

smaller width and height is chosen, the extra columns to the right and rows at the bottom will 

appear to be water hexagons. No connections will be generated for them, so they cannot be 

entered, even by sea units.

The "Surprise Me" button randomizes the UI settings, and then generates a random game based 

on them. If there are too many players on too small a map size, then you may get a message 

indicating certain types of hexagons could not be created. In particular, each player must have a 

capital for a playable map. If you get such a message, either keep clicking the "Surprise Me" 

button until you get a message indicating that map generation completed, or adjust one or more 

of the settings and click "Generate Map". You may have to click "Surprise Me" three or four 

times in a row to get a completed map.

TripleA Map Generator Documentation

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Sometimes just creating a new random seed will allow map generation to complete. Most of the 

time you will need to increase the map size or reduce one or more of the other settings. For 

example, if a 10 X 10 map is specified with a Capital Distance of 19, then the generator will not 

be able to find hexagon locations for each player's capital that meet the criteria. Increase the map 

size or reduce the Capital Distance.

If Percent Water plus Percent Impassable is greater than 100, then the generator will not be able 

to add enough impassable territories. If Percent Impassable is set too high, then the generator 

may be able to complete a map, but one player may be completely isolated in TripleA.

The "Teams" option tries to create the number of teams specified with each having the same 

number of players. If, however, the number of players is not evenly divisible by the number of 

teams, then as many teams as can be created will be, but any leftover players will only be allied 

with themselves. For example, 7 players and 3 teams will create 3 teams of 2 players each. The 

seventh player will be an odd man out, allied only with itself. If the number of players is less 

than the number of teams, then you will end up with teams of one player each, essentiall y FFA 

with duplicate Stats.

If you generate a map while TripleA is loaded, the game will not appear on TripleA's "Choose 

Game" list. Quit and restart TripleA to see the game in the list. After using the map generator for 

a while, the TripleA "Choose Game" list will start to become cluttered with randomly generated 

maps. Delete any maps you no longer wish to replay using Windows Explorer.

If there are games you wish to keep and replay, rename the map XML file using Windows 

Explorer. The new name may be any allowable name for the operating system and TripleA, but it 

is recommend that you keep the "RC_" prefix and avoid special characters. You should also open 

the XML file in a text editor and change the "name" property (on the fourth line) to match.

For this version, the main window is just a shell that can bring up the map generator form (File 

New) or display this documentation (Help Contents).  The map generator is displayed by default 

when the main window loads and is the only functionality currently available.

TripleA Map Generator Documentation

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This section covers some assumptions made while generating certain TripleA features.


Industrial Production tech is loosely based on house rules. Units with an original cost of 6 to 15 

get a cost reduction of 1. Unit costs over 15 are reduced by 2. Units with an original cost of 5 or 

less get no reduction. Reducing unit costs in this low range would represent a 20 - 50% reduction 

for land units, which would be un-balanced.


There are no victory conditions specified in this version of the map generator. You can play until 

no other player has any TUV on the Stats tab, or you can assume the AI players resign once you 

have some overwhelming TUV ratio. You might, also, claim victory if you own all VCs at the 

beginning of your turn. The choice is yours. Do not expect a message stating, "Congratulations! 

You are the winner!"

On the other hand, if you are wiped off the map, game play will continue without you. Choose 

menu option "File" "Leave Game" to play again, or "File" "Quit" to exit TripleA.


The following TripleA engine property settings are hard coded into the XML file as un-editable 

in this version of the map generator.

  WW2V2: true

  Roll AA Individually: true

  Choose AA Casualties: false

  Allied Air Dependents: true

  Submersible Subs: true

  Two hit battleship: true

  Produce fighters on carriers: true

  Move existing fighters to new carriers: true

  maxFactoriesPerTerritory: 1

TripleA Map Generator Documentation

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  TripleA - a free, turn-based strategy game platform

  TripleA Map Creator - a free tool for TripleA map creation

  MkHexGrid - a free tool to generate hexagon-based grids


  Pact of Steel 2 - the game XML file included with TripleA is heavily commented for 

developers and includes comments on the most recent TripleA engine features.

  Tactics Campaign - a downloadable game of particular interest to modders. There are 

some strange connections in the bottom half of the map. It does not appear to have been 

updated since 2010.

RC Example FFA
RC Example Teams