Type Historical

Various realism-enhancing options

  • At the start of a battle or strategic bombing, at the same time as AA fire, all planes in a battle fire on each other. Attacking air units use the lower of their attack and defense factors.
  • Air units in normal combat choose their targets if they hit, if there are no enemy air units present.
  • Land battles last only 2 rounds. Either side may retreat after the first round. If neither side retreats or is destroyed, the opposing forces remain in the area without control changing. Ground units can only move from a contested area to a friendly area.
  • AA Guns fire in normal combat at their defense strength as a normal unit (not targeting aircraft)
  • AA Guns and Factories can be taken as losses in combat.
  • Areas captured from enemies yield only 1 IPC income. This also limits production
  • Collect income before movement
  • Neutrals have an income of 1
  • Non-Russian Allied units may not enter areas controlled by Russia. If they liberate an originally Russian area, they must leave as soon as possible.
  • Russians can't attack Japanese areas unless 15 IPC's are paid or the Japanese attack first
  • Japanese can't attack Russian areas unless 15 IPC's are paid or the Russians attack first
  • The USA & UK can't attack neutrals
  • Only infantry and transports can be built in non-original factories.
  • Defending ships may retreat after any round of combat.
  • Submarines may retreat before combat.