Red Sun Over China

Red Sun Over China: The Second Sino-Japanese War by Pulicat

Special Rules Some special rules described below are unique to this mod, but unfortunately TripleA cannot code for their automatic implementation. Items below marked with an asterisk(*) indicate that TripleA will not automatically enforce the rule and you must keep the rules in mind yourself and take care to not violate the rule.

  • Technology There is currently no technology for this mod yet.
  • Territory Ownership All non-city territories initially under Communist or Nationalist control is considered "OccupiedTerritoryOf" Japan. This is so that the territory will belong to whoever recaptures it, rather than the initial owner.
  • Canals The Strait of Malacca: Movement between SZ 17 Malay Sea and SZ 21 Strait of Malacca determined by control of Malaya-Singapore.
  • Movement Through Cities Units may move through friendly-controlled cities at no movement cost. Since a land-canal option is not yet available for TripleA, currently all city-canal connections are coded as regular connections. Direct movement from one side of an enemy city to another is therefore possible but ILLEGAL.
Unit nameattdefmovecostdescription
Heavy Artillery3215givesSupport
Light Artillery2225givesSupport, CANNOT Blitz
Transport0028Transports 1 infantry-type unit and 1 other unit
Cruiser33212Transport up to 1 infantry-type, canBombard
Carrier12216Transport up to 2 air units
Battleship44220isTwoHit, canBombard
Cavalry1134canBlitz, isSupportable

Special Nationalist Units and Rules

Conscript1122canBlitz, is NOT supportable

Special Placement Rules: Infantry, and conscripts may ONLY be placed in territories WITHOUT a factory. Limit up to 3 units placed per non-factory territory. All other units may ONLY be placed on a factory. Infantry and conscripts cannot be placed in newly captured territory. Nationalists cannot build: Navy Special Japanese Units and Rules

Mobile Infantry1224canBlitz, isSupportable

Japanese cannot build: Cavalry Special Thailand Units and Rules Thai units are restricted to Indochina, Thailand and Burma. Like China in v3, Thailand gets 1 infantry per 2 territories owned, and follow the same PurchaseNoPU rules. Special Communist Units and Rules

Guerilla2033canBlitz, is NOT supportable
Propaganda00201canBlitz, is NOT supportable

Special Placement Rules: Infantry, guerillas, and propaganda may ONLY be placed in territories WITHOUT a factory. Limit up to 3 units placed per non-factory territory. All other units may ONLY be placed on a factory. Infantry, conscripts, and propaganda CAN be placed in newly captured territory. Communist movement is also restricted to China (cannot enter SE Asia). Communists cannot build: air or navy. Special British Units and Rules

Commando2224canBlitz, isSupportable

British cannot build: Cavalry.

National Objectives


  • (+40) Western Allies Enter War: If Axis attacks any British territory, turn "Western Allies Enter War" button ON (using edit).
  • (+20) Burma Road: Allies control Myitkyina and Chindwin.
  • (+10) The Hump: Western Allies entered war, Allies control East Assam and Kunming, AND Allies have lost control of the Burma Road.
  • (+?) Control of Central China: Of the following cities (Nanking, Wuhan, Nanchang, Changsha), Nationalists get +10, +30, +40, or +60 if Allies control of 1, 2, 3, or 4 of them, respectively.
  • (+20) Control of South China: Allies control Canton and Nanning.


  • (+20) China-Soviet highway: Allies control Chiu-Chuan, Hehsi Corridor, and Lanchow.
  • (+10) Communist Quarantine: Other Allies have no units in any of the Communist starting territories.
  • (+10) Shaan-Gan-Ning Border Region: Allies control Ordos Plateau, Ningsia, Kuyuan, Tsingyang, and Yenan


  • (+10) Burma: Allies control Mandalay and Rangoon
  • (+10) East Asian Bases: Allies control Malaya-Singapore and Hong Kong


  • (+20) Indochinese resources: Axis controls Luang Prabang, South Laos, Cambodia, Cochinchina, Annam, Tonkin, and Hanoi
  • (+20) Control of the Yangtze: Axis controls Shanghai and Nanking. (+20) Wuhan: Axis controls Wuhan.
  • (+20) Defeat Colonial Strongholds: Axis controls Malaya-Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • (+20) Encirclement of China: Axis controls Myitkyina, Mandalay, Sittang, and Rangoon.
  • (+30) Operation U-Go: Axis controls 1 of Imphal, Kohima, or Calcutta.
  • (+30) Operation Ichi-Go: Axis controls Kweilin, Szecheng, Lungchow, Nanning, Woochow, Siangtan, Changsha, Tungting, Wuhan, Fancheng, Nanyang, Wuhan.

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