Axis and Allies - The Original Game Richard Evans 1942 Scenario


This scenario involves changes in unit price, attack and defensive strength.

USSR soldiers fought tenaceously because they knew they were fighting for their very survival and also because the word "retreat" was unheard of. So I've increase the attack strength for Russian infantry to 2 from 1.

GERMANY made great tanks but production was slow due to labor shortages and production techniques so I have increased the unit price to 6 from 5. Because of the large guns these tanks had I have increased their attack strength to 4 from 3 and their defense strength to 3 from 2. Submarine warfare and "blitzkrieg" or lightning war utilizing tanks formed the primary German strategy early in the war. Accordingly they produced many subs early on and so I have reduced the unit price to 6 from 8. Germany never produced large bombers (except as prototypes) so I've reduced their attack strength to 3 from 4.

UK produced the fastest and most nimble fighters (Spitfires) in the early part of the war. So respected were they that legend has it that when Goering asked one of his commanders what he needed to win the Battle of Britain he replied "a squadron of Spitfires." Therefore I have increased the attack strength of fighters to 4 from 3.

JAPAN is fairly well represented in the default scenario except their tanks and subs were markedly inferior to Allied versions so I've reduced the attack strength of tanks to 2 from 3 and the sub attack strength from 2 to 1.

USA had the greatest industrial production capacity in the world in 1942 so I have reduced the price for Sherman tanks (with Cadillac engines) to 4 from 5. American aircraft production from companies such as Boeing increased dramatically early in the war and so I have reduced the unit price for fighters to 10 from 12 and to 12 from 15 for bombers. Early US fighters were however not as effective as Axis fighters (particularly the Mitsubishi Zero) so I have reduced their attack strength to 2 from 3.

Changes in initial placement

USSR didn't really have much of a submarine program until the cold war so I have deleted their one sub. Infantry strength in the Soviet Far East is reduced by one soldier and one tank. Infantry in Yakut SSR is reduced by one soldier. I felt these areas has way to much power to decide to fate of Asia.

GERMANY had two to three times as many aircraft as the UK so I've added two bombers and three fighters to Western Europe, one additional bomber and one fighter to Germany. I eliminated the fighters from Eastern Europe and the Ukraine as Germany didn't build air bases in these areas that soon. I've added an Industrial Production Facility to Western Europe not just because of France (which is where most of the subs were being made) but also because of factories in The Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium. I added one sub to the Central Mediterranean, two subs to NE Atlantic and one sub to the North Sea. This was the cornerstone of Doernitz's plan to undermine shipping heading to the UK and Russia. Only when long range reconnaissance aircraft entered the war did the threat of sub attacks fade.

UK had a number of bombers early in the war due to the lend lease program so I've added one additional bomber. I added an additional fighter as well. India, Australia and Eastern Canada had extensive factories so I've added Industrial Production Facilities to each of these sites with an anti-aircraft gun at each. This may seem like too much industrial capacity but remember that the UK was a major colonial power before the war and goods were produced in many different places, not just in the UK. I also added one infantry to New Zealand, and I added two more infantry to India. This more clearly shifts the balance of power early in the war to India and Burma and away from Siberia. I've wondered why Larry Harris allowed Russia and Japan to wage war on each other when in reality they both observed a non aggression pact until 1945 when Russia entered the war against a mostly defeated Japan.

JAPAN had fully equipped carriers so I added a fighter to the carrier in the Caroline Pacific.

USA had extensive naval facilities in San Diego and on the East Coast as well as Hawaii so I added a carrier equipped with two fighters to the NE Pacific, a battleship and one additional transport to the USA Atlantic. I added two bombers and two more infantry to Western USA and one bomber, two infantry and one tank to Eastern USA. And finally I added one additional infantry to Hawaii and one additional fighter to the carrier in the Central Pacific.

Initial Placement Summary


remove 1 sub from BARENTS SEA remove 1 infantry from YAKUT SSR remove1 infantry and 1 tank from SOVIET FAR EAST GERMANY

add 2 bombers and 3 fighters to WESTERN EUROPE add 1 fighter to GERMANY remove 1 fighter to EASTERN EUROPE remove 1 fighter to UKRAINE add 1 factory to WESTERN EUROPE add 2 subs to NORTH EAST ATLANTIC add 1 sub to NORTH SEA add 1 sub to CENTRAL MED.. UK

add 1 bomber and 1 fighter to UK add 2 infantry to INDIA add 1 infantry to NEW ZEALAND add 1 industrial complex and 1 anti-aircraft gun to INDIA add 1 industrial complex and 1 anti-aircraft gun to EASTERN CANADA add 1 industrial complex and 1 anti-aircraft gun to AUSTRALIA JAPAN

add 1 fighter to to CAROLINE ISLANDS (to be placed on the aircraft carriers USA

add 1 carrier and 2 fighters to NE PAC add 2 bombers and 2 infantry to US WEST add 1 bomber, 2 infantry and 1 tank to USA EAST add 1 battleship and 1 transport to USA ATL add 1 fighter to CENT PAC add 1 infantry to HAWAII