Risk Style A&A -- Free For All submitted by Paul Davidson Instead of having pre-assigned territories and units, each player rolls a die for the right to choose territory first. Highest roll wins, and all the players (going clockwise) take turns placing a nationality tile on a territory. This territory becomes their capital, and gets an immediate factory.

Then players take turns placing additional tiles on additional territories until all are exhausted. Capitals are worth 10 and all other territories are worth 2. Players then determine how much starting cash they get (determined by the number of territories claimed, which is affected by the number of players), and the next round of play involves placing whatever units each player wishes to buy with that money on the territories belong to each player. On this initial unit-placing round, players need not place only on industrial complexes.

From there, gameplay proceeds clockwise, with movement, purchasing, and combat rules just like A&A. Winning conditions require the conquest of two other capitals.

Other exceptions to A&A rules: Players may keep receiving money (albeit reduced) after losing a capital, since there is no one to liberate them.

Players may choose to include neutral countries in the initial setup. Otherwise, neutral countries are worth 1 when invaded and occupied (paying the 3 IPCs, of course).