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Axis and Allies Europe World War I Scenario

- by RoadRage -


Autumn 1915: Over a year has passed since a politically motivated assassination prompted Austrian forces to invade Serbia, setting off events which have dragged much of Europe into the most devastating conflict yet known. German and British warships clash in the North Sea, as the Schlieffen Plan for the invasion of France bogs down in the trenches of Belgium. Tsarist Russia reels on the edge of military defeat, revolution and civil war, while British and Ottoman forces fight over the fate of the Middle East. Meanwhile, the United States considers how long it can remain neutral as the Great War rages across Europe. Will the Central Powers or the Allies prevail?

The Countries

  • Player 1: Central Powers (use black pieces, capital in Germany, start with 34 ipcs)
  • Player 2: France / Italy (use green pieces, capital in France, start with 18 ipcs)
  • Player 3: British Empire (use tan pieces, capital in United Kingdom, start with 27 ipcs)
  • Player 4: Russia (use red pieces, capital in Moscow, start with 26 ipcs)
  • United States (use red pieces, capital in United States, start with 40 ipcs, inactive at start of game).
  • If there are two players, one player is the Central Powers, and the other controls all the Allied forces.

Victory Conditions

  • Allied Powers (France/Italy, Britain, Russia, USA): Occupy Germany for one full turn.
  • Central Powers: Occupy either France, United Kingdom, or USA for one full turn.

Note that knocking Russia out of the war does not count as a victory condition. Also, either side can surrender to the other at any time.

Unit Changes

  • There are no Bombers, Carriers, or Antiaircraft guns available at a sufficient level of sophistication to affect the war.
  • Fighters are available, but only in primitive biplane form. They attack on 2 and defend on 3, but cost only 10 ipcs. Their movement allowance is still 4.
  • All other units are treated the same as under standard A&A Europe rules.

Map Changes

Political boundaries and control are substantially different from standard A&A Europe, as shown in Territory and Unit Setup below.

  • Germany is worth 10 ipcs in this game.
  • The following territories are considered neutral and may not be entered: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Eire, Switzerland, Spain, Spanish Morocco and Persia (Iran).
  • Turkey, on the other hand, is not neutral, but is fighting for the Central Powers as the core of the Ottoman Empire. It is divided into Western Turkey (WTu - 6 ipcs) and Eastern Turkey (ETu - 2 ipcs). WTu is adjacent to Bul, Gre, and ETu, in addition to Bla and Aeg. ETu is adjacent to WTu, Cau, and Syr, in addition to Bla, Aeg, and EMed. Control of WTu allows ships of the controlling alliance to pass through the straits from the Black Sea to the Aegean or vice versa, much like Panama in A&A. Planes of either alliance can pass through the straits at any time (for example, a British fighter in Egypt may fly to Ukraine via the straits).
  • Arabia is also occupied by the Central Powers at the start of the game, and it is worth 2 ipcs.

And, for no other reason other than historical accuracy, the following territories are renamed:

  • Leningrad is still "Petrograd"
  • Stalingrad (which is not yet founded) beomes "Saratov"
  • Netherlands-Belgium will be just "Belgium"
  • Czechoslovakia is still callled "Bohemia"
  • Yugoslavia is just "Serbia"
  • Iran is still "Persia"
  • Iraq is still "Mesopotamia"
  • Vichy France is "Southern France"
  • Soviet Convoy is, for now, "Russian Convoy"

Deleted Rules

  • Strategic Bombing Raids don't happen (no bombers)
  • Soviet Patriotic War rules are not in effect.
  • Middle East territories are treated like any other, the result in movement of both affected powers' markers on the National Production Chart.

Special World War I Rules

Limited Tank Production:

Tanks are a brand new military innovation that are just being introduced to the field of battle, and are not yet in wide usage, so:

No tanks may be part of the initial $12 "cash advance" placement for any power. Each power is limited to a maximum production of 2 tanks per turn.

Egypt Limited Production:

While under British control, the IC in Egypt can produce no more than three units per turn. If captured by the Central Powers, it can produce only one unit per turn, as per normal rules.

Russian Limited Technology:

Russia does not have the technology required to build either Tanks or Fighters suitable for combat, so Russia may not have either of these units.

Knocking Russia out of the War:

Russia is extremely politically unstable: many battles have gone poorly for the outmatched Russian army, the tsar's government is unpopular, and revolution is in the air. If, at the end of any Russian turn, the Central Powers occupy four or more territories which originally belong to Russia (Finland and Rumania are considered Russian for this purpose), the resulting mass anarchy will allow Bolshevik control of the government and the conclusion of a separate peace with the Central Powers. When this happens, Russia will take no further part in the game, and its remaining territories may not be attacked by Central Powers forces any more. Any Russian ships remaining are removed from the board. Any Allied units in Russian territory at that time are interned and are out of the game. Any Russian territories controlled by the Central Powers when Russia signs its peace treaty will be retained by them for control and IPC purposes; if subsequently captured by one of the Allies, that Ally will control the territory (as per A&A "liberated territory while ally's capital is captured" rules)

United States Activation:

At the beginning of the war, the United States is "neutral" but heavily favors the Allied Powers. Until the United States is activated, it does not take a turn (buy units, move units, or collect income). However, various things the Central Powers do will tend to shift popular opinion in the USA away from neutrality and towards joining the War on the side of the Allies.

After each Russian turn (or after the British turn, if Russia has been knocked out of the war), a die roll is made to determine United States activation and entry into the War. Two dice are rolled and compared to the sum of these points:

+1 for each territory originally belonging to France/Italy or Britain which is currently controlled by the Central Powers

+1 additional for each IC originally belonging to France/Italy or Britain which is controlled by the Central Powers

+1 for each British or Russian convoy controlled by the Central Powers

+3 for each American convoy controlled by the Central Powers

+4 if Russia has been knocked out of the war

+6 if United States naval units were attacked by Central Powers this turn

+10 if the United States territory was attacked by Central Powers land units this turn

If the number rolled on two dice is equal to or less than the point total from the above conditions, the United States is activated and will begin play starting with the current turn. Although the USA is controlled by the same player as the one who controls Russia, and it uses the same piece set, USA income and units are completely separate from Russia's. USA income may not be used to build units at Russian factories and vice versa; USA units may be placed only at the USA factory (unless a Central Powers factory is captured by US units)

Other rules are as normal for A&A Europe.

Initial Setup

Click here for the original setup