Axis and Allies Europe Optional Rules for AA guns

- by Runyan99 -


Here is an overall set of rules which covers regular combat and SBR. These rules add a little bit of complexity to the game, but add quite a bit of ""realism"" and nuance, in my opinion.

Runyan99's Optional Rules for AA Guns

AA Guns now cost 4 IPC, instead of 5. You may place more than 1 AA gun in a territory.


When defending in a ground attack, AA guns defend at ""1"" firing *once per round per gun*. For each roll of ""1"" the attacker must choose an air unit as a casualty. No ground units may be taken as losses from AA guns.

Strategic Bombing Runs:

AAA fires once per attacking bomber only. Roll only one die per bomber no matter how many AA guns are in the territory being bombed (that is, multiple AA guns do not contribute more rolls during an SBR). Count the number of ""1""s rolled. Then for each ""1"" rolled, roll another die. On a result of 1,2,3 the bomber is destroyed and removed immediately. Fighters may not be taken as losses. On a result of 4,5,6 heavy flak has caused the mission to be ineffective. Remove one bomber from the SBR (may not conduct a SBR this turn) but it is not destroyed. That bomber is still subject to attack from defending fighters, however.

Remaining bombers and fighters now resolve combat with defending fighters as normal or conduct the SBR if no intercepting fighters are present.