Axis and Allies - The Original Game

Russia vs. the World

- by Mike Iadarola -

Description The Russia vs The World Scenario is one that the odds may seem to be stacked against Russia. However, Russia is given a huge army and an extremely high IPC value. If the Allies are smart, and plan their attacks with skill and strategy in mind, they can defeat the Russians; if they are not, they will perish under the Iron Curtain.

New rules

  • Only Russia can build fighters.
  • The Allies, with the exception of Japan, can create helicopters. Helicopters attack at 3 or less, defend at 2 or less and have a movement of three spaces. Helicopters also have the ability to land in newly captured territories and can land on aircraft carriers.
  • All nations not listed in the country settings below are considered neutral nations. Neutral nations have the same IPC value as marked on the game board. The nations that have always be neutral now have an IPC value of 1. It costs nothing to attack, fly over, or occupy a neutral nation. Only Russia and Japan can attack neutral nations.
  • Allied anti-aircraft guns fire at 2 or less.
  • Japan cannot occupy a territory with a nation in its alliance.

All countries except Japan have nuclear capabilities. Nukes cost 25 IPC's each. They can be delivered by bombers or fired from missile silos. Silos cost 30 IPC's each. They can be put in any territory with an industrial complex and are immobile. Nukes launched from a silo have a range of 6 spaces. Silos are represented by AA gun with a country marker under it.

When a territory is nuked the following happens:

  • All Territories: If this is the first time the territory has been bombed, the IPC value of the territory is permanently reduced to half of its original value, rounding down. If it is the second time the territory has been bombed, the IPC value of the territory is permanently reduced to 1. Any bombings after that are fruitless.
  • Territories With No Industrial Complexes: In addition to above, the owner of the territory losses IPCs equal to half of the IPC value of the territory before the bombing, rounding up. The IPCs are lost to the bank. bank.
  • Territories With Industrial Complexes: In addition to the "All Territories" section, the owner of the territory immediately losses 1 IPCs to the bank or their remaining IPCs, which ever is less. In addition, the industrial complex on the territory is destroyed. It may, however, be rebuilt, if the owner decides to do so. Territories with Industrial Complexes include all territories with an IC whether it is new or original except the capitals.
  • The Capitals: In addition to the "All Territories" section, the player whose capital is bombed losses half of their IPCs. The Industrial Complex, however, is not destroyed. Why? Because it seems that capitals would have more than one center of production as opposed to other territories with industrial complexes.
  • If a country uses a nuclear bomb global sanctions will be placed on the country for the next 3 rounds. Each of these rounds, the country will collect 7 IPC's less than the country is entitled to.

Due to the large military advantage Russia starts the game with the Allies are given the power of negotiation. At the end of each allied power's turn, the country can choose to negotiate with a neutral nation hoping to have the nation join the allied powers. In order to do this, the nation first states which neutral nation it is negotiating with. Next, the player roles one die. If the die lands on a 2 or less, the neutral territory joins the Allies under the command of the nation it negotiated with. The country starts out with two infantry and one armor. The Industrial Production Chart is adjusted adding the IPC value of the now allied nation to that of the nation that won it over by negotiation. If the die however, lands on a 6, the neutral nation now becomes an ally of the Russians. The country starts with two infantry and an armor and the IPC chart is adjusted as before. Besides the neutral nations now having IPC values of 1, all IPC values of territories stay the same with the exception of Russia, whose IPC value is a whoping 19!

Order of Play

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Japan
  • USA
East America211YY
West America21YY
Midway Island1NN
Philippine Islands111NN
Wake Island1NN
French Indo China Burma2NN
United KingdomInfantryArmorFightersHelicoptersBombersBattleshipsSubsTransportsCarriersI.C.A.A.
Western Europe11YY
Southern Europe111NN
Eastern Cananda21NN
Western Canada111NN
Anglo-Egypt Sudan11NN
Union of South Africa1NN
Kazakh S.S.R.31NN
Soviet Far East3211YY
Yakut S.S.R.31NN
Eastern Europe221NN
Southern Europe11YY
Caroline Islands1NN

Remarks (by thrasher)

No cost is given for helicopters. I suggest using a cost of 12 IPCs as it looks like helicopters can be perceived of as the Western analogue for the Russian fighters.

This scenario first appeared at the Ultimate Axis & Allies Web Site. Mike also created the WWI scenario and the Russia vs. the World scenario. Together with Tim Brennan he created the Vietnam scenario and the Battle of the Bulge scenario.