Russian Spring

 This is a mod of NWO 1.8.7.

This provides a challenging game against the Moore AI with you playing Russia.

Scenario: A new leader overthrows Stalin and declares Russia neutral. Smaller neutral countries join with Russia, creating a huge empire.

In alarm, all other world powers unite against this new threat. As the tide turns, panicked capitalists donate bombers to help. Changes from standard NWO:

  • Russia moves first, and begins with $210
  • Each of the eight anti-Russian capitols gets one free bomber per turn
  • During turns 11-20, each enemy capitol gets two free bombers per turn
  • After turn 20, each enemy capitol gets four free bombers per turn
  • At turn 4, when red-dot units appear, Russia also gains Me262 and B29
  • To help the AI at sea, all ships act as transports (except subs and tboats). Cannot buy new transports.
  • The lone Russian Caspian sea transport moved to Black Sea

This map maximizes the AI's few advantages over humans. The large, complex map with multiple theatres is hard for a human to fully grasp, but the AI always seeks out and exploits any weakness. The AI's large navies and bomber fleets allow for far-reaching attacks. In the crowded eastern European theatre, any miscalculation by the human will result in an overrun forward stack and a likely loss.

The Spanish and NW African theatres will distract the world powers at first. Once lost, a major influx of ground and amphibious attacks will begin against Russia proper. A game you're confidently winning at round 5 can be lost by round 10 — such upsets are normally rare when fighting the AI, but are common in Russian Spring. The escalating free-bomber grant forces you to quickly outplay the AI.

For the OCD human player, this map allows you to unite the entire world under a single map color and finish with all techs and all units grouped together. With the deprecation of the Moore AI this scenario is no longer balanced. Try turning off triggers and giving the Axis, Fast AI