Axis & Allies Wiki

Originally published in Battleplan #3

Written by Bill Salvatore (as part of an article on PBM Axis & Allies)

  • Sale of Technology A player may sell a technology for any price.
  • Lend-Lease Any player may transfer IPC's to another player if an open lend-lease route exists, which consists of a path of adjacent areas, no matter how long, from the lending player's capital to the receiving player's capital.
  • Wooing of Neutral Countries A player may attempt to induce neutral countries to ally with him for the specified cost. More than 1 attempt may be made. A modified roll of 5+ on 1 die is successful. Russia can only try to take control of Turkey.
Country Value Forces Modifiers
Argentina 1 1 Inf +1 for Germany(+2 if Spain is German)
Peru 1 1 Inf +1 for Germany(+2 if Spain is German)
Saudi Arabia 5 None +1 if you control all adjacent land & sea areas,-1 for Japan
Spain 3 2 Inf,1 Arm +2 for Germany
Switzerland 2 50 IPC. May only spent for units that can't leave Switzerland,Technology or wooing neutrals +1 if adjacent areas controlled
Turkey 3 2 Inf,1 Arm +1 for Russia,-1 for Japan
Venezuela 1 1 Inf +1 for US

All money is spent before any dierolls are made.