Axis and Allies Europe Fixing Strategic Bombing

- by Michael Sandy -


Here is a short idea for fixing Strategic Bombing, without making it too powerful

The Rule

A bomber can bomb more times if it has more movement remaining. This means that the AA gets an extra shot as well. Fighters would only be able to escort bombers on the runs that they had range for.


If the Germans have two bombers escorted by a fighter bomber Leningrad from Germany then on round one of the bombing the Russian would get 3 AA rolls against the three German planes. The bomber have two extra movement, so they bomb Leningrad again. This time, they are not escorted by the fighter. The Leningrad AA gets two shots.

Disadvantages to this fix

Since the Allies control no territory within 2 territories of a German factory they can't make use of this rule, at least at first. The Germans can strategic bomb the pogies out of the Russian this way, which isn't good for game play or for historical realism. Russia has too many factories to guard with fighters easily. However, if the Western Allies take Norway, they have a perfect platform to bomb Germany with, especially if they have a Carrier in the North Sea to provide escorts.

Michael Sandy: