Axis & Allies Wiki

Scenarios are currently divided into four types on this wiki.

  • Historical: Scenarios based upon an actual conflict. The standard games of A&A play a little loose with history (usually by exaggerating the strength of Japan, Italy, or the United Kingdom, but if the basic purpose is historical, it should be classified as such.
  • Hypothetical: Scenarios based upon a situation which could have occurred but didn't. This includes alternate history, counterfactuals, future history and the like.
  • Fictional: Scenarios based upon an entirely fictional situation. If the scenario has no grounding at all in real history or includes science fictional elements, it should be classified as fictional even though set on the Earth at some specific date.
  • Abstract: Scenarios based upon no situation at all. Most Free-for-all scenarios belong to this category. Even if the map boundaries are historical, if the situation is arbitrary it should be considered Abstract.