Axis and Allies Pacific Adjusting Japan's Turn 1 Attack: Secret US Fleet

- by Rob / Avalon Hill -


This isn't an official rule change, just me and Larry talking and thinking we might start one of our games this way. Again, this is not Official Avalon Hill, just something I thought of while drinking coffee this morning. It is also contested. If tested, I'd love to hear if you had fun with it.

The Rules

Before J1, take the fleet at Samoa off the board and place it to one side. The US player now writes down on a piece of paper where that fleet is. His options are: sz 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, or 11. This paper is turned over and kept secret. If Japan moves units into the sz containing the units (or tries to move through them), then the us player turns over the paper and places these units in the sz. Combat takes place normally, with the US defending at 1. If Japan doesn't move into the sz, then Japan completes his turn normally. At the end of J1, the US turns over the paper, reveals where the fleet is, and places it there, even if there are Japanese units there. If that is the case, the US player has the option, during his turn, of moving out to avoid combat or staying and fighting. NOTE: For more rules on Japan1 see seperate file: Modifications for J1.

This rule first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Pacific Forum April 27 2001. This house rules is also mentioned in the Axis and Allies Pacific GLG FAQ.