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Sengoku – Nippon Warring States by TheDog


Nippon/Japan in 1467-1615 had a very turbulent period of war and unrest they called it Sengoku Jidai meaning Warring States period. 

               This map is meant to simulate that period to some degree in TripleA terms, can you and your Clan climb to the top and become Shogun?


·        6 Clans

·        Each Clan has a Castle and a Fort in their historical clan territories

·        Each Clan has 5 permanently politically allied clan Forts/territories  randomly placed

·        Each Clan can have up to 1 Daimyo and 3 Generals

·        Clan Politics has 3 stances, War (default), Neutral and Allied

·        Mountains that cannot be crossed

·        Rocky Shores that cannot be crossed

·        Gold Mines territories that produce PU

·        Ship Timber territories that produce PU and can produce  Kobaya and Jong ships

·        Terrain types are Coastal Sea and Open Sea

·        Open Sea cannot be entered by coastal vessels Kobaya, Sekibune and Atakebune

·        Rebels are Wako/Pirates and Ikko Ikki/Warrior Monks, farmers & Ronin all these Rebels can be turned off by deselecting Use Rebels.

·        Dice are 6-sided.

·        Turn sequence, for each Clan/faction Combat Moves, Non-Combat Moves, Purchases then Placements.  At the end of the turn, all Clans have a Politics phase.

·        Land, sea and air battles can only last up to 3 battle rounds.

·        Upkeep/maintenance, most units cost 1 PU to maintain per turn other units are        0 PU per turn. This dramatically reduces large defensive stacks.

Win Conditions, in Map Options, select one of the following;

·        (Default) Projection of Power 8VC out of 14

1VC for Kyoto in Yamashiro

1VC for each territory surrounding Kyoto

1VC for Mount Fuji in Suruga

1VC for the 6 clan capitals

1VC for Spiritual Capital of the Ikko Ikki in Kaga

These VCs have yellow stars at the bottom of the territory to aid finding them.

Also has matching Political Allied Victory Conditions as above.

·        Economic Victory is achieved by one clan collecting 300 PU

Game Play

The map has 2 fixed clan territory and 5 random starting territories for each of the 6 clans, so hopefully it has replay value.

It is a small sized map, with 81 land locations and is intended for;

·        solo play with 1 to 5 AI, using Hard AI

·        Free for All for 2-6 players

·        Can Use/not use or AI=Do Nothing, all factions, to learn to play for faster game play.

The Clan Factions

Clan             To play       Starting PU        Colour          Clan castle is located;

Date            easiest        100                      Gold              in the far east of Honshu

Shimazu      easy            120                      Green           in the far west

Mori            average      140                      Red               in the far west of Honshu

Miyoshi      average      160                      Blue              on Shikoku island

Hojo            hard            180                      Violet            in the east of Honshu

Oda             hardest      200                      Orange         in the middle of Honshu


All Clan factions share the same unit list;

Teppo                     First Fire, Conscript farmers armed with a matchlock musket

Ashigaru                 Good v Cavalry, Conscript farmers usually armed with Spears/Yari

Archer                    First Fire, bow armed Samurai that can support other Samurai

Samurai                  Good heavy infantry

Cavalry                   Move 2, Mounted Samurai

Daimyo                   Move 2, Blitz, Inspire large armies, Clan leader, max 1

General                  Move 2, Blitz, inspire armies, Clan general, max 3

Ronin                      Clan-less Samurai

Ninja                       Move 4 Assassin that can attack/bomb General, Daimyo, Fort or Castle

Forts                       Protects defenders and hinders attackers

Castle                      Protects more defenders and hinders more attackers

Kobaya                   Small fast coastal boat

Sekibune                Slow coastal medium warship

Atakebune            Slow coastal large warship

Jong                        Ocean going merchant/transport, commonly called a Junk in the west

Rebel units

Farmers                  Ikko Ikki peasant farmers can appear in eight   territories

Sohei                      Ikko Ikki Buddhist Warrior Monks, appear with farmers

Wako-Jong             Open Sea, Pirate ship, can appear in the six white flag sea zones north & east of the island of Shikoku.

Territory Effects:

·        Open Seas can only be entered by Jong and Wako-Jong/Pirates

·        Mountain ranges cannot be crossed.  These are represented by a thick black line between territories and mountain images.

·        Rocky Shores, includes cliffs, that cannot be crossed by sea invasion and ship building.  These are represented by a swirling sea image in the sea zone against a land territory.

Game Options - FYI

·        Can turn off the Random Territories and place them manually, so more historical in Map Option before the Game start

·        Can turn off the Politics in Map Option before the Game start

·        Can turn off the Rebels faction (Ikko Ikki and Wako/Pirates) by Unticking the Use Rebels faction before the Game start

·        For those players who don’t like the maps bright colours, in game, View> Show Map Blends (Tick)


·        Base Map originally designed by Rolf Larsson from his Feudal Japan Warlords

·        Most units designed by Michael Hoover from his Twelve Clans, unit images and  are based on various public domain sources, mostly pictures of painted miniatures

·        Michael Hoover Samurai Warrior portraits are from the Samurai Warriors wiki, youtube, and other fan sites

Nations: Date Shimazu Mori Miyoshi Hojo Oda Rebels none

Units: Ashigaru Teppo Archer Samurai Cavalry na-1 General Daimyo Ninja Ronin Fort Castle Gold-Mine Ship-Timber Kobaya Sekibune Atakebune Jong Farmer Sohei Wako-Jong

Sengoku Nippon Warring States