Axis & Allies is hardly the only wargame published. There are many games that are similar to A&A, and would be good candidates for conversion to Triple-A or are interesting games in their own right.

What makes A&A distinctive are the following factors.

1. Area Movement A&A uses areas as opposed to hexes. The key here is the relative small number of playable locations. A hex wargame using 1/2 inches on standard sheet of paper would have 374 hexes (rather small for a hex game). Such games are well-suited for dealing with tactical mechanics of front-lines but tend to be overly complicated for strategic games.

Games using point-to-point movement (like A House Divided) are basically equivalent. Games using large hexes, such as Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge are similar in effect.

2. Combat by Individual Units In A&A each unit involved in the game rolls directly for its effect, as opposed to having combat factors which are added up and compared to its foes as in many wargames.

3. Generic Units In A&A units are generic types, rather than portraying specific formations.

4. Differentiated Units In A&A, unit types differ significantly from each other.

5. Production A&A allows players to choose what units they receive as opposed to a reinforcement schedule (or no new units).

6. Turn-Driven In A&A the players freely choose their actions during a turn within the scope of the rules, as opposed to a Card-Driven Wargame, where the players hand of cards restricts standard actions and allows special actions. Card-Driven Wagames can be quite good, but they are not similar to A&A in their feel even if they meet every other criteria. Another approach is an Action-Driven Wargame where the player is restricted to a specific number of actions each turn. A good example of Card-Drive Wargame is Hannibal. A good example of an Active-Driven Wargame is A House Divided.

7. Axis & Allies Hasbro has applied the A&A brand to many games, some of which are not similar to A&A at all.

8. Same-Area Combat In A&A combat occurs within an area. Games where combat is normally from a distance have a very different feel.

9. Grand Strategic The players are making decisions at the highest level of national strategy, not simply trying to win a battle or campaign.

As the purpose of this Wiki is primarily the support of Triple-A, I will include games that could be converted to Triple-A without being completely redesigned. However, we include some games that show interesting hypothetical conflicts, have useful orders of battle for an entire war, or have nice-looking maps.