During combat, each unit inflicts its combat value in damage points (DP). 6 DP kills a unit (or inflicts a hit on a 2-step unit). Damage must be inflicted against already damaged units if possible.

At the end of the battle, any attacking unit with 3+ DP is removed.

For AA, multiply the combat value by the number of targets.

Strategic bombing inflicts 3.5 IPC damage each if no AA, and 1 IPC damage if there is AA. In versions of A&A using fighter interceptors, resolve combat normally, with each surviving Bomber inflicting 3.5 damage. In either case, round halves down.

Sample Battle:

2 Infantry + 1 Fighter vs 1 Infantry + AA Gun

Round 0: AA Gun inflicts 1 DP on fighter

Round 1: Attackers inflict 5 DP on Infantry. Defenders inflict 2 more DP on fighter.

Round 2: Attacker destroys defending infantry. Defender inflicts 2 more DP on fighter.

The fighter now has 5 DP and is removed.