Axis & Allies Wiki

This meta-variant can be applied to any boardgame version. It seeks to speed up the game by having each nation move simultaneously. It is most suitable when there is a large number of players.

Order of Play

  • 1. Write movement and production orders.
  • 2. Move units & place new units
  • 3. Resolve Combat
  • 4. Handle retreats and aircraft return to base
  • 5. Collect income

Rules of Play

1. All players write orders for all units that wish to move and produce. You must specify the location of newly produced units. No distinction is made between combat and non-combat movement.

2. All players move units simultaneously. There is no interference between moving units, so it possible for units to move past each other.

3. In most cases it does not matter what battles are resolved first. If there is a question, resolve sea battles before land battles, and battles with fewer units before battles with more units.

4. Units retreating from battle remain in place during the combat phase.

5. At sea, each player may choose to be attacker or defender. You may not be the attacker if all your units have 0 attack.

6. During the retreat/rebase phase, air units return to bases and retreating units move to adjacent areas. Units that decided to retreat in combat but with nowhere to go now are eliminated.

Special Situations

Amphibious Invasions Amphibious invasions can be launched from areas occupied by enemy ships. If the enemy ships are not defeated, the invasion is cancelled. If enemy ships move into the debarkation area, a naval battle must be fought.

Pro-Neutrals The neutral joins the favored side before the battle. The favored side is the defender.

Strict Neutrals If both sides move in, both are considered attackers. The winner, can withdraw after the battle or continue by attacking the neutral's forces.