Sinister’s Pacific Axis and Allies Variant By Sinister Web Moderator of Avalon Hill

Overview Pacific is my favourite of the Axis and Allies games. Studying the great battles of the pacific is still a passion of mine. Unfortunately the game being played with victory points, invented to put a finite time on the game, created a lacklustre game more about IPC grabbing than actual war. Thus I invented this new variant. It’s up to you if you want to use some of the revised rules from A&A with this variant. The game is played using victory cities and islands, but has not been play tested using any of the other unit rules from Revised. This variant was created for the sole purpose of putting the emphasis back on warfare, rather than IPC grabbing. I recommend going back and using the original Japanese set-up.

The rule changes:

  • 1. US makes 25 for the mainland US not 55
  • 2. The US can Lend Lease 12 IPCs a turn to either India or Australia.
  • 3. Victory Islands and Cities are played for rather than Victory Points. It’s your choice to play to 10 or 12 victory cities and islands.
  • 4. When picking victory cities, Japan picks 2 of its VCs, the allies pick one, the Japan picks an allied VC, and the Allies pick a Japan VC, then it alternates again until there's 12 VC on the Board (The capitols are always VCs)

Combination of the following (Don't have a map out, forgive the spelling) may be used as victory cities and Islands:

Perth, Sydney, Pearl, Singapore, Minillia, Bangkok, Hong Kong

Victory Islands: Sipan, Okinawa, Solomons, Iwo Jima, Carolines, Marshall, Wake, Papua, Mariana

Always: Calcutta, Melbourne, Tokyo, Los Angles.

Please feel free to e-mail me with questions.