Download: Repository/Experimental/World War II Revised Variation

A scenario built for a game with no alliances, with China added to the Asian theatre.
only UK, USA, and Japan get starting units in this scenario (2 transports).
a few rules are found below... attacking a capital on turn 1 of any kind is allowed, not even strategic bombing. more than five units may be placed in each territory during your bid placement phase, with the exception of placement into your capital, or placing a navy.
#3.all naval units MUST be placed in a seazone adjacent to an industrial complex that you own (you may place units in seazones next to bid-purchased industrial complexes.
house rules are subject to the host of the game's approval.
have fun! (remember to place your bids in a balanced fashion...diplomacy sometimes fails!

Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer

Nations: Russians Germans British Japanese Chinese Americans

Six Army Free For All
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