A variant for AAC by Ralph Boerke.

South East Pacific Expansion

Use clear tape and affix the map section onto the lower left comer of the Milton Bradley

Axis & Allies map.

The game is played as it normally is with these extra features added.

Place UK markers on Caledonia, Fiji and Marquesas, and place one token

upsidedown (white side up) to represent Neutral Easter Island (part of Chile).

Place 1 USSR Infantry on Kazahkstan.

Place 1 German Submarine in the sea zone south west of South Africa.

( Sea zone touching Angola and South Africa [map code: CGH] )

Place 1 UK Transport in the Marquesas sea zone.

Place 1 Japanese Submarine in the Fiji sea zone.

Place 1 US Infantry on Brazil.

New Territory IPC production:

1 IPC for Caledonia,

1 IPC for Fiji,

0 IPCs for Marquesas,

0 IP-Cs for Easter Island

Capitol Increases:

Russia is now worth +2 to USSR

Germany is worth +3 to Germany

UK is worth + 1 to UK

Japan is worth + 1 to Japan

Eastern USA is worth + 1 to USA

Use a Non Permanent Marker to make these changes

on the map:

Existing Island IPC changes:

Borneo was.l is now 2 IPCs

East Indies was 2 is now 3 IPCs

Solomons was 0 is now 1 IPC

Midway was 0 is now 1 IPC

New Incomes:

USSR was 24 is 26

Germany was 32 is 35

UK was 30 is now 33 (+ 1 for UK, Caledonia, and Fiji)

Japan was 25 is now 29 (+1 for Borneo, New Guinea,

East Indies and Japan)

USA was 36 is now 38 IPCs (+ 1 for Midway and

Eastern USA)

Note: If a capitol is captured only the existing value for the IPC is used

ie USSR collects 10 IPCs for Russia, Japan captures Russia but only collects 8 IPCs.

Axis was 57 is now 64

Allies was 90 is now 97

Economic Victory was 84 (57% of 147) is now 92 IPCs (57% of 161).

South East Pacific Expansion