This is an alternate history scenario set during World War II. In this scenario's historical background, the Battle of Stalingrad was won by the Russians, but at a treamendous cost for both sides. The catastrophic number of casualties during the battle forced both sides to regroup. Seeing that Russia may be in trouble, the Allies launched their D-Day invasion, but the Germans successfully drove them back across the English Channel. Sensing an opportunity to rid themselves of the British Empire once and for all, Hitler ordered the long awaited Operation Sealion to commence in earnest. After a brutal and bloody fight, the Germans captured London, and Great Britain surrendered. The Germans gained control of the island, as well as all of Africa and the Suez Canal. Meanwhile, in the Pacific, the Americans' island hopping strategy worked pretty much as it did in our history. However, soon after the capture of Okinawa, Stalin sensed a chance to take over Asia and add it to his illustrious empire. He attacked the Japanese in Machuria, then proceeded south. When the smoke cleared, the Soviet Union was in control of all of coastal China as well as Indochina and Burma. But Stalin wasn't finsihed yet. He then launched an invasion of Japan itself (without the approval of the United States). After a bloody and horrific battle, Japan surrendered to the Soviets after losing about a third of its population as casualties. Angered by the fact that the Soviets had interferred in their attempt to defeat the Japanese, the Americans declared Stalin an aggressor and terminated their alliance with the Soviet Union. A three-front war is on the horizon... This scenario uses the same rules as Revised, except no tech is allowed. The victory condition is to capture 9 victory cities AND at least 1 enemy capital while controlling your own. Enjoy! - adoY