Axis & Allies: Europe - Sprang House Rules (Ethan Sprang)

German Submarine Production / Cheaper Battleships / Cheaper Submarines for Germany


Ethan Sprang posted several house rules for Axis and Allies Europe. He did not state if these rules should be combined...

German Submarine Production

Newly build German subs can be placed in any of the following sea zones: Biscay, Channel, North Sea and Norwegian Sea. This mimics the ability of German U-boats to skirt the coast on the surface to get past the British Navy. New submarine builds are thus available quickly, and it gets easier to close the Atlantic. If any of the coastal territories are lost, Germany loses the ability to put subs at sea there. Lose Norway, you can't place in Norwegian Sea, although you could still place in North Sea because you keep Netherlands.

Cheaper Battleships

Battleships now cost only 18 IPCs.

To compensate for the diminished value of the German BB at the start of the game, Germany gets an additional sub or transport in the Med.

Cheaper Submarines for Germany

German submarines now only cost 6 IPCs.