From: (Drazen Kramaric) Subject: Axis&Allies: Stack Limit Rule

Here's the proposal for people who like to use Axis&Allies as game kit.

1. The maximum number of ground units from one side (Axis or Allies) that is allowed to end their movement in any territory cannot exceed more than twice the IPC value of the territory.

2. For territories with no IPC value, the maximum number of ground units is 1.

3. Attacker cannot retreat into the territory if the stack limit is going to be violated.

4. Maximum number of air units from one side (Axis or Allies) that can land on the territory cannot exceed the IPC value of the territory.

The original game setup satisfies the requirements of the stack limit rule. Some examples:

1. Allies cannot hold more than six ground units in Karelia.

2. Germans cannot attack Karelia with more than six ground units.

3. Germans cannot hold more than twenty ground units in Germany.

4. Russians can attack Germany with up to twenty ground units, but no more than six of them can attack from Eastern Europe. Armor from Karelia and Ukraine can pass through Eastern Europe in order to attack Germany.

5. Russians can attack Manchuria on the first turn with all the units from Yakut and Soviet Far East (five INF, ARM) because Manchuria can hold up to six ground units. However, Russians cannot retreat more than four units from this attack since neither Yakut nor Soviet Far East can hold more than four units each.

6. Americans can amphibiously assault Western Europe with up to twelve ground units.

7. Germans cannot land more than one air unit in Lybia.

If you decide to try it, let me know how did it work for you.