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GALACTIC WAR It is a period of instability. Many years have passed since the death of Emperor Palpatine. Yet, the remnant forces of the Galactic Empire still seek to win back control of the galaxy. After forging a mutually beneficial dark alliance with the corporate industry and the criminal underworld, the Imperial Remnant makes its move. However, the peaceful republic is not about to fall easily. The Corellians and the Mandalorians unite with the New Republic, and of course, the Jedi Knights yet again stand willing to battle the dark and protect the light....

Tips and rules:

Conquer 75% of the galaxy to win. (36 out of the 48 VCs.)

This map has faction specific units. Hover the mouse cursor over enemy units and press the i button to examine stats.

Units do not need to be placed in the same round as they are bought.

Territories can only hold 1 Factory, 1 Fortification and 1 Anti-Air-Tower.

Many land units can give or receive support.

The Black-Sun Saboteur and Hutt-Cartel Assassin-Droid units are only effective as attack units.

Each faction has two bombard capable ships.

Each faction has one 2-hit battleship.

2-hit units and Fortifications are repaired at the beginning of player rounds.

All spaceships with carrier capacity move 2.

Fighters are either short-range (4 move) or long-range (10 move).

Strategic Bombardment done by heavy fighters can be escorted by other fighters.

Strategic Bombardment can be intercepted by defending fighters.

Interception air battles only last 1 round.

Space battles only last 5 rounds.

Land battles only last 5 rounds.

This map works best with the setting View - Show Map Blends - Off.

Map by:


Thanks to:

Veqryns Map and map skin making overview.

The Pact of steel 2.xml (An advanced guide).

Wisconsins TripleA Map Creator v2.0.0.2. (A very buggy and unfinished program.)

The creators and contributors of TripleA.

The orginal Axis & Allies boardgame.

And of course... George Lucas (For conjuring up Star Wars).

Note: Please feel free to use this map as basis for new Star Wars maps and mods. Frostion.

Units: Army-Troopers Stormtroopers Repulsor-Regiment Walker-Regiment TIE-Fighter-Squadron TIE-Interceptor-Squadron TIE-Bomber-Squadron Star-Galleon Escort-Carrier Lancer-Frigate Carrack-Cruiser Strike-Cruiser Imperial-Star-Destroyer Army-Regiment SpecForce-Regiment Speeder-Regiment Armor-Regiment X-Wing-Squadron A-Wing-Squadron Y-Wing-Squadron Corellian-Corvette Corellian-Gunship Nebulon-B-Frigate Assault-Frigate Calamari-Cruiser Bulwark-Cruiser Espo-Security-Officers Espo-Combat-Troopers Espo-Walker-Units Espo-Repulsor-Units IRD-Fighter-Squadron P-Fighter-Squadron Toscan-Heavy-Squadron Etti-Patrol-Cruiser Marauder-Corvette Cutlass-Corvette Dreadnaught-Cruiser Victory-Star-Destroyer Invincible-Cruiser Temple-Security-Forces Combat-Speeder-Group Temple-Guards Jedi-Knight Aethersprite-Squadron V19-Torrent-Squadron ARC170-Heavy-Squadron Charger-c70-Frigate Pelta-Frigate Alderaanian-War-Frigate Bothan-Assault-Cruiser Acclamator-Assault-Ship Venator-Star-Destroyer Henchmen Mounted-Henchmen Assassin-Droid Gamorrean-Guards Hutt-Expedition Scyk-Squadron Kimogila-Heavy-Squadron Cargo-Transport Mynock-Carrier Fire-kraken-Corvette Minstrel-Cruiser Ubrikkian-Frigate Krayt-Cruiser Law-Enforcement-Droids CorSec-Officers SpecOps-Officers Armored-Police-Units LAF-250-Squadron HLAF-500-Squadron YV-929-Armed-Freighter Action-Transport Corellian-Heavy-Gunship Buccaneer-Corvette Corona-Frigate CC-9600-Frigate Proficient-Cruiser Local-Criminals Saboteur Mercenaries Armored-Mercenaries Kihraxz-Squadron Vaksai-Squadron Supa-Heavy-Squadron Bulk-Freighter Container-Transport Gozanti-Cruiser Interceptor-Frigate Providence-Destroyer Aggressor-Destroyer Mandalorian-Warriors Mandalorian-Protectors Artillery-Regiment Tank-Regiment Gladiator-Squadron Firespray-Squadron Pursuer-Heavy-Squadron Space-Transport Fleet-Carrier Crusader-Corvette Firestorm-Frigate Beroya-Cruiser Keldabe-Battleship Ewoks Wookiees Tusken-Raiders Gamorreans Local-Forces Pirates Pirate-Starfighters Pirate-Ship Factory Anti-Air-Tower Fortification

Nations: Imperial-Remnant New-Republic Corporate-Sector-Authority Jedi-Order Hutt-Cartel Corellian-Security-Force Black-Sun Mandalorians Locals

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