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Steampunk! Advanced

Version 1.0 Upgraded? Check the version history for changes!

This is a Steampunk version of the First World War with added Martians! Swampy has modified this to include incredibly powerful (and expensive) new units The failed Martian invasion of 1895 brough wierd science to Earth. With the German intervention in the Mexican civil war a World War erupts between the Central and Entente Powers. Each power has their own unique units inspired by period literature (the Nautilus, the Robur Aerodyne, Frankenstein Brigades etc). Please check the manual for more details, this should be a .PDF called manualGSW15 in the folder maps/Steampunk

Modded by Swampy based on the mod by Patrick Brady based on the game "Domination 1914" by Imbaked Game Design by TripleK and Surtur Engine Support by Veqryn Relief Tiles by Siege




The ruleset of the "AA-50 rules" (ww2v3) of a well known board game is used as a basis. Deviations, extensions and exceptions from these are all listed in these Game Notes.

Submarine Rules - Submarines may retreat before the battle unless a destroyer is present. Air cannot hit subs unless destroyer is present. Subs do not block.

Transport Rules - Transports do not participate in battles and die if attacked and undefended. Cannot be taken as casualties. Transports do not block.

Bombard Rules - Bombard is restrictd by the number of units landing. Bombard casualties DO return fire

Trench Rules - 3 trenches per territory per turn can be placed. There is no limit to how many you can buy. There is no overall limit of trenches in a territory.

Gas Rules - Suicides after one round of attack, does not fire and cannot be taken as casualties on defense.

Trenches cannot be taken as casualties from hits caused by Gas.

Casualties from Gas do not return fire.

Communists are set to neutral towards Germany, Austria and Turkey while still being on the same side. This means they cannot co-occupy a territory and do not liberate territory for the other.

Centrals Entente
Germany France
Austria Alliance
Turkey Nemo_Pirates
Communists Martians




Thanks to the following contributors

  1. TripleK and Surtur for making origional Domination, from which the map is borrowed
    # Imbaked for the Domination 1914 mod
    # Veqryn for engine support and providing examples of xml code in POS2
    # Siege for relief tiles
    # Cernel for flags and unit support
    # RolfLarsson for maintaining the map depot and debugging
    # Everyone who has helped contribute to the TripleA project!

Swampy 2020

Units: edison zeppelin sniper field_gun bombard marines aaGun nautilus janissary battlecruiser maginot transport lttank tesla colonial carrier frankenstein trotski stormtruppen graf Bedouin submarine deutchland underseafarm fighter battleship tank dreadnaught seabase landship hero cruiser infantry airborne destroyer heavytank late_fighter assasin penal Factory conscript minefield gas heavy_gun robur trench militia guerilla bridge tripod cavalry mecha steamwalker heatraytripod landleviathan kelpforest aviatrix ninja pontoon

Nations: Germany France Alliance Austria Nemo_Pirates Martians Turkey Britain Russia Communists USA

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