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A PlayerAttachment which controls the resource and attack value used for Kamikaze Suicide Attacks.

The attacks happen during an opponents turn at the beginning of the battle step,
         so for example Japan may launch these attacks after the American CombatMove.
         These attacks only occur in territories that are designated as kamikazeZone
                and the attacks will be done by the original owner of that territory
              (the owner when the game started, make sure to set it in the ownerInitialize)

         The attacks target specific warships for destruction.
                Currently the attacks only target units owned by the current player,
                and must be surface warships (not subs, not transports)


the first value is the resource we wish to use for the suicide attacks,


the count is the attack value that each of that resource has when used in Kamikaze Suicide Attacks


<option name="suicideAttackResources" value="SuicideAttackTokens" count="2"/>


[in development to let you specify which units later, and let you target land units too]