Axis & Allies Wiki

Enhanced support code added (SquidDaddy)

<attatchment name="supportAttachment1" attatchTo="artillery" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attatchments.UnitSupportAttachment" type="unitType">

   <option name="unitType" value="infantry"/>
   <option name="faction" value="allied"/>
   <option name="side" value="offence"/>
   <option name="dice" value="strength"/>
   <option name="bonus" value="1"/>
   <option name="number" value="1"/>
   <option name="bonusType" value="arty"/>
   <option name="players" value="Russians"/>
   <option name="impArtTech" value="false"/>


  • <attatchment name="supportAttachment1" attatchTo="artillery"

name must start with supportAttachment and must be unique attachTo is the unit doing the supporting

  • <option name="unitType" value="infantry"/>

the unit to be supported, may be a list, i.e. "infantry:tank:fighter"

  • <option name="faction" value="allied"/>

values = allied or enemy. not implemented (i.e. only allies may be supported) may be a list

  • <option name="side" value="offence"/>

values = offence, defence support when defending or attacking may be a list

  • <option name="dice" value="strength"/>

values = strength or rolls not implemented (only strength is affected) may be a list

  • <option name="bonus" value="1"/>

how much to add to the roll

  • <option name="number" value="1"/>

how many units to support

  • <option name="bonusType" value="arty"/>

any string, identifies bonuses as being of the same type, and therefore not stackable name all grouped bonuses the same

  • <option name="players" value="Russians"/>

values are valid player names, restricts bonus to this player if left blank, it applies to noone, so be sure to fill it unless you want it not to activate at the beginning of the game

  • <option name="impArtTech" value="false"/>

whether of not this bonus is doubled by the improvedartillery technology.