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Tactical Bombers are special-type air units introduced in Axis & Allies 1940.

  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Move: 6
  • Cost: 11
  • Special Abilities: Carrier Ops, Support Tanks

Most A&A players dislike this unit. A fighter is usually a better choice to build and it adds complexity. It can also be difficult to distinguish the tactical bombers from fighters during play. Some players simply declare them to be fighters.

TripleA Appearance[]

American tactical bomber
German tactical bomber
Japanese tactical bomber
D3A Val
British tactical bomber
Russian tactical bomber


  • The Tactical Bomber is an interesting combination of the Strategic Bomber and the Fighter. It can fulfill both roles but does neither quite as well. Most recommend that one should just spend your IPCs on getting more fighters instead.
  • However, Tactical Bombers still have some useful traits. Unlike Fighters, Tactical Bombers have the Support Tanks ability, representing combined arms warfare. This increases the attack of Armour units. This is helpful for increasing the power of your attacks.
  • Unlike Strategic Bombers, Tactical Bombers can land on carriers. This allows for the Tac. Bombers to act like light bombers or torpedo bombers. Their extra movement points allow them to strike from further away than fighters.
  • Just remember that Tactical Bombers lose one defense compared to Fighters, and that you are spending an extra precious IPC on this when you could be getting a Fighter.

Technology Upgrades[]

Heavy Bomber[]

Tactical bomber hb americans

2 small bombs appear below the unit icon. Sometimes it is represented by 1 bomb or falling bombs. *

Main article: Heavy Tactical Bomber

Long-Range Aircraft[]

Tactical bomber lr americans

Twin stripes appear on the wings, and sometimes on the rear of the fuselage.

Main article: Long-Range Tactical Bomber


* Represented here by the Dauntless being replaced by the heavier B-25

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