Version 1 2 3 4 5 6
NGE Jet Power Rockets Super Sub Long Range Fifth Column Atomic Bomb
AAC Jet Power Rockets Super Submarines Long Range Aircraft Industrial Technology Heavy Bombers
AAR Jet Fighters Rockets Super Submarines Long-Range Aircraft Combined Bombardment Heavy Bombers
AA50-Land Advanced Artillery Rockets Paratroopers Increased Factory Production War Bonds Mechanized Infantry
AA50-Sea/Air Super Submarines Jet Fighters Improved Shiphyards Radar Long-Range Aircraft Heavy Bombers

In NGE AND AAC you pay 5 for a tech roll. On a 6 you receive a random technology.

The AAR version tried to make technology less random. You could choose which technology to roll for. Heavy Bombers were downgraded, while Industrial Technology was replaced by Destroyer Bombardment. This allowed an exploit, where the Germans spend all the cash on Long-Range Aircraft research, with a good chance of successfully capturing Britain on the first turn. To prevent this, technology was made effective at the end of the turn.

In AA50 you purchase researchers for 5 IPC's each. Each researcher succeeds on a 6. Once any researcher succeeds, you get to choose to roll on 1 of 2 technology tables (one land oriented, one sea/air oriented), after which all your researchers are discarded. The techs are reduced in power.

In AA42 technology was removed entirely

All the technology rules have the fundamental problem of introducing a highly random element into a game of strategy. In addition, most technologies benefit the nations who have more resources, throwing the balance even further against struggling nations. My preference is not to use technology at all.

To reduce the randomness of technology you can try Reduced Luck Technology, No Luck Technology or Technology Bidding

In TripleA technology is controlled by the following properties

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