== The Great War: World War I, based on Elk's Original ==
Notable changes!!!:.
----Improved pricing scheme, to discourage tank stacking.
----added Tech tree, hb/rocket/jet not recommended as it's unhistorical.
----Significantly strengthened Allied power(about 11% units, 2% economy), while C.P. receives reinforcement bonus in forms of bid
(G:6x5, A:4x3, O:3x2)by placing them strategically it would off set the Allies advantages to some extend.
----added more C.P sz(total about 10% production) to represent later Allied naval blockade, or vice versa.
----Alps now stretches across Swizerland, South of Munich, Tyrol, ends in Carinthia, it's inaccessible;
=== Allied Powers ===
British Empire (Capital: London);----France (Capital: Paris)-----Russian Empire (Capital: Petrograd)
Italy (Capital: Rome)----United States (Capital: United States)
=== Central Powers ===
German Empire (Capital: Berlin)----Austria-Hungary (Capital: Vienna)----Ottoman Empire (Capital: Istanbul)

U.S. declare war cost: ipc 32, clean up Atlantic for more u.s involvement(convoy)------.
=== New Unit definitions (attack, defend, movement, cost) ===
cavalry: 1(2W.A)/1/2/3 (not intended as a primary units, stats is defined as a tactical tool only)
====heavy cavalry: 3/3/2/6 (elite cavalry with powerful charge, U.K, Ottoman)
Elite Cossack: 3(4W.A)/2/3/6 (Russian elite shock cavalry, can be supported by artillery)
===== Stormtrooper: 3(4W.A)/2/2/5
tank :2/3/1/10: (takes 2 hits, inf arti-support, available to Germany, France, Uk, Russia, Austria)
===== advanced tank: 3/4/1/12 (takes 2 hits and provide infantry artillery support, France only)
trench: 0/0/0/1 (temporary defensive structure)
===== fortification:0/3/0/5 (heavy defensive structure, absorbs 1 hit)
artillery: 2/ 2/1/4 (special: enhances infantry + stormtrooper + cossack)
===== BigBertha:5/4/1/8 (heavy artillery, Germany)
gas engineer: 3/1/1/4 (France, UK.)s
===== Mustard gas engineer: 5/0/1/5 (Germany only) s
zeppline: 4/2/6/14 zeppline can now only be built by Germany
====advanced fighter: 3/4/4/10 Germany
fighter: 2/3/3/8 (not intended as a primary units, stats is defined as a tactical tool only)
====navalmine: 0/1/0/2
transport: 0/0/2/8 (special: can carry 1 infantry + 1 other ground unit)
==== advancedDestroyer: 2/3/2/10 (detects sub, UK only)
cruiser: 3(4W.A)/3/2/10
====battlecruiser: 4(5W.A)/4/2/14(bombardment)
battleship: 4/ 4/ 2/18 (special: 2 hits [same turn] to destroy, can shore bombard)
====SuperDreadnaught: 5/5/2/25 (U.K. heavy warship, with limited transport capacity, naval gun support to other warships(cruiser, B.C)
SeaPlane carrier: 1/2/2/16 (earlier carrier, can land up to 2 fighters, UK only)
====Naval Base: 0/5/0/28 (absorbs a hit, can land up to 3 planes, and garrison up to 3 ground units)

--- by Lebowski

Nations: Germans Austrians Ottomans British French Russians Italians Americans

Units: infantry cavalry artillery zeppelin fighter transport submarine destroyer cruiser battlecruiser battleship factory aaGun tank bomber carrier trench advancedtank GasEngineer MustardGasEngineer navalmine SuperDreadnought stormtrooper advancedDestroyer EliteCossack advancedFighter Big_Bertha heavycavalry fortification NavalBase SeaPlaneCarrier

The Great War-Ultimate
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