The Rising Sun

Game Design by Sieg

Version 1.9.3

Its December the 8. 1941 
The Sun rises, how long will it shine...


Axis Allies
Yamamoto Chinese
Hisaichi Dutch
Thai British
Masaharu Russians

(Nations listed in their Turn Order. Alternatively, refer to the "Stats" tab.)









Land Units
Unit nameattdefmovecostsizespecial abilities
Tankette2123.5ScanBlitz, (get 2 for 7)
Artillery2213.5LgivesSupport, (get 2 for 7)
Mech.Inf2235LcanBlitz, givesSupport
Unit nameattdefmovecostsizespecial abilities



Air Units
Unit nameattdefmovecostspecial abilities
Unit nameattdefmovecostspecial abilities










Naval Units
Unit nameattdefmovecostspecial abilities
T.boat2115Transport up to 1 S unit
Transport0126Transport up to 1 S + 1 S/L unit
B.Transport0128Transport up to 4 S or 2S/1L unit
Cruiser33210Transport up to 1 S unit, canBombard
Carrier13214Transport up to 2 air units
Battleship44220isTwoHit, canBombard
Unit nameattdefmovecostspecial abilities

   <th style="font-size:90%;000000"bgcolor="990000"colspan="7">CAN N0T BE BOUGHT BEFORE ROUND 4</th>  </tr> <tr bgcolor="CDBA96">  <th>Unit name</th>  <th>att</th>  <th>def</th>  <th>move</th>  <th>cost</th>  <th>size</th>  <th>special abilities</th>  </tr>      <td>B.Carrier</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>2</td>  <td>20</td> <td></td>      <td>Two Hit, 3x Fighters</td>  </tr> <tr bgcolor="CCCC99">  <td>S.Sub</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>9</td> <td></td>      <td>Transport up to 1 S unit</td>  </tr>    <td>L.Fighter</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>4</td>  <td>6</td>  <td>12</td>  <td></td>  <td>gives Art.Support</td>          </tr>    <tr bgcolor="CCCC99">  <td>NakajimaG5N</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>2</td>  <td>8</td>  <td>18</td>  <td></td>  <td>canDoSBR/Art.Support</td>  </tr>  <td>Lancaster</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>2</td>  <td>8</td>  <td>18</td>  <td></td>  <td>canDoSBR/Art.Support</td>  </tr>    <tr bgcolor="CCCC99">  <td>B29</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>2</td>  <td>8</td>  <td>18</td>  <td></td>  <td>canDoSBR/Art.Support</td>  </tr>          <td>Bunker</td>  <td>0</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>0</td>  <td>6</td>  <td></td>  <td>isTwoHit, read below *</td>  </tr>  <tr bgcolor="CDBA96">  <th>Unit name</th>  <th>att</th>  <th>def</th>  <th>move</th>  <th>cost</th>  <td>size</td>  <th>special abilities</th>  </tr> </table>

*-For every territory, owned at the start of the turn, a maximum of ONE Bunker can be purchased PER TURN.

<tr> <th style="font-size:105%;000000">
Little Islands are Connected like Land

Islands connect

Canals are shown by Blue Dots
(You have to Own both sides to pass trough Canals) </th> </tr>

Rule Clarifications

Default Rules for Disputable Situations:

  Unloading of Transports from a COMBAT SEAZONE into a friendly territory, PRIOR to combat, is possible, due to a TripleA bug, but considered illegal.

  AA's on Transports fire on planes passing over them during combat move.
This is of course what I would do if my AA was straped to the transport and a plane was trying to sink me.

Differences due to the New Phase Order:

  Under the Phase Order, one knows any air losses from AA fly-overs during combat movement before his purchase.

Historical Strat.2
Historical Strat.1

Special Thanks To:

Lobster, Ice, Admetus, Axisgeneral, Pug, Hippotamus
Wirkey, Niklas, Kesselring, Smallman, CowardGneis, Veqryn, Rajwarrior...

Changelog: 1.9.2 & 1.9.3 (by blumb) Restored bb repair at begining of round by default. (stll editable) Restored carrier rules to Sieg's original.

Changelog: 1.9.1 (by blumb)
+1 PU in High Desert
Fixed Hawaii factory error

Changelog: 1.8.2 (by blumb)
Fixed the canals. They really all work now.
Cleaned up the notes

Changelog: 1.8.1 (by blumb)
Changed names to make Vancouver Canadian and US make more sense.

PU changes with the occuring with other name changes:

was kulhuii now Pearl Harbor, has new factory, PU 2 was 4
was California now Los Angeles, has new factory, PU 8 was 4
was Pearl Harbor now Hilo PU 2 was 4
was Vegas now Central Valley PU 4 was 2
was Nevada now High Desert PU 1 was 2
was Los Angeles now San Francisco PU 10 was 15

So that's 2 new American factories but 1 less PU and 3 more production on mainland.
Plus you can now produce in sz27.

Neutral flyover is now impossible.

bb repair at the begining of the round by default now. It's fully editable.  
Russian infantry has coats since it's cold up there;)

<b>Changelog: 1.7.3 (by rajwarrior)

Fixed polygon errors with Hainan & Kochi islands
All canals working (NOTE: Soem to Flores Canal:
Must own Soem AND Bava to move from sz59 to sz50,
Must own Bava AND Flores to move from sz58 to sz50.
Nayumo to S.G Canal: Must own S.G AND Ceram to move from
sz81 to sz49. Only way to make the canals work between 3 sz
Added Sieg Logo and Canal Dots as decorations for those
that play without relief tiles active.

Changelog: 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 (all done by Veqryn)
Fixed H.Cruiser parsing error.
Fixing error in naming of units (some did not have uppercase names in the image folder)
Gave Rocky Mt +4 Production.

Changelog: 1.7 (all done by Veqryn)

Renamed to remove special characters from folder and xml names.
Coded and Added new low luck options.
Coded and Added "Battleships repair at beginning of round" as an option, which if true will have Battleships and Bunkers (any 2-hitpoint unit) only repair damage at the beginning of their owner's turn.
Updated TRS to take advantage of triggered rule changes to have red dot units and bunkers not appear for purchasing during beginning turns, and the ability to turn them off completely by deselecting "Use Triggers".
Bunkers (Constructions) code updated to work differently.  New game properties listed below (all On by default).
- "More Constructions with/without Factory" - If ON then you may have a total number of bunkers up to the PU value of a territory (minimum 1), in territories with/without factories. If OFF then you may have only 1 total bunker per territory.
- "Unlimited Constructions" - If ON it over-rides above 2 game properties to allow infinite total bunkers per territory. If OFF then things are determined by the above 2 game properties.
- No matter what, you can only place 1 bunker per territory per round. Bunkers do not take up a factory slot when being placed.

Changelog: 1.6

+ 7 PUs for US in L.A
Gizo upped to 2 PUs
Terretory Connects

Changelog: 1.5

+ 1 Inf for China in Sian
New Guinea Ter. upped to 11 Pus
N.G Upped to 2 Pus
Some renaiming of ter.
Mirrored Allies Ships

Changelog: 1.4

+ 1 Japanese Sub in sz11
Belogorsk and Vladivostock upped to 3 PUs
New Fighter and Bomber Images for UK

Changelog: 1.3

+ 1 Infantry in Xiangsi and +2 PUs
- 1 Early Fighter for Masaharu
New Marine Unit (2/2/1/3)
Mech.Inf reduced to 5

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SIEG 2010
  </th> </tr>

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Special RED DOT Units</b>