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Originally published in Battleplan #3 THE WORLD AT WAR

House Rules for Axis & Allies


Vance von Borries

SET UP Add the following units to the opening set-up:

  • Germany 1 damaged battleship in the Germany sea zone
  • United Kingdom 1 AA at Gibraltar
  • Japan 1 Armor at Kwantung.

COST: Adjust the cost to build the following prices to read:

  • submarine - 7
  • transport - 6
  • to build "damaged" battleship - 12
  • to repair "damaged" battleship - 12


(a) Turkish Straits - No naval unit except transports may enter of leave the zone north of Turkey (i.e. Black Sea) unless both Eastern Europe and Turkey are friendly. Note that "neutral"" status is not "friendly" status.

(b) A naval unit may not move from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic or vice versa unless Gibraltar is friendly.

SUBS and TRANSPORTS: The loading of troops onto transports generates a submarine First Shot and all enemy non-transports ships and aircraft currently in the zone may fire back. A landing in the zone does not generate First Shot.

Anti-aircraft Units: The player has the option withhold the first shot for use against enemy armor attacking its space. First shot against armor is only one shot despite the number of provinces attacking.

Battleships: The first hit scored against a battleship will only damage the battleship. The second hit eliminates the battleship. If a battleship is already damaged, it will eliminated on the first hit.

A damage battleship is reduced to an attack capability of 2 and a defense capability of 2. It otherwise functions normally. It may be repaired if its does not attack or moe during a player's turn and it is in a sea zone adjacent to a friendly industrial complex. The owning player must spend 12 to repair the battleship. A player may initially buiild a damaged battleshi and then complete it on a later turn. A damaged battleship should be marked with a flag.

Fighters are allowed First Shot attacks against enemy bombers conducting strategic bombing. These enemy bombers may be escorted by friendly fighters which may be chosen as a loss instead of the bombers.

Stacking Limits on Gibraltar and Wae. Only these locations may not contain more then 1 infantry or armor unit.

Turkish Straits For movementments purposes Turkey & Eastern Europe are adjacent and a land unit may cross but only if both provinces are friendly at the start of the movement phase.

Declaration of War Russia & Japan start the game at peace. The first play to attack the other must pay 3 IPC's.

Neutral Armies Neutrals have 1 infantry defending. You still pay 3 IPC's to declare war on the neutral.

India Whoever owns India receives 1 infantry per turn free.

'The Panzerkrops Once the unit is designated, it remains such until it is eliminated, however the designation may be made at any time.

Russian Factories The Soviet player may only make 2 factory moves for the game.

Marines Once a unit is designated as a Marine, it remains such until eliminated. Marines may only designated during placement of new units. The USA is limited to only 6 Marine units at any one time. The Japanese player may have only 1 Marine unit.

Fortresses: Gibraltar is considered a fortress. Marine and armor units attacking the fortress are reducted to an attack of 1. On a fortress, an AA unit may defend as a normal infantry unit in addition to its first shot capability.