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"Torpedo Boat'' is a basic sea unit popular in [[TripleA]] games.</nowiki>

"Small and fast ships adept at coastal defence"
—-Unofficial description"Torpedo Boat is a basic sea unit popular in TripleA games.


Unit Stats[]

Version Attack Defense Move Cost Special Ability


TripleA Appearance[]


Torpedo Boats are represented by the same generic icon shared across all nations.


  • Torpedo Boats are similar to Infantry, both being cheap defensive units useful as "fodder" to protect more expensive units, reducing IPC losses. Torpedo Boats cost even less than Submarines, making them effective in this role.
  • However, in many games Torpedo Boats keep the usual two movement points that other sea units have. This allows them to react to threats more quickly, like Mechanized Infantry.
  • Torpedo Boats do not get any bonus to Attack (while infantry can receive artillery support). As a result it is usually best if you do not send them on the offensive.


Torpedo Boats are a popular "unofficial" unit common in TripleA games. They are effectively the seaborne equivalent of Infantry. Popular among games with large maps (like World At War), they symbolise small brownwater navies or coast guards, which a Destroyer or Submarine would not well represent.