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Total Ancient War


       Total Ancient War[]

Make yourself an empire around the Mediterranean Ocean (the known world),
in the era when hellenes, romans and phoenicians ruled. Choose from an arsenal of
legionaires, hoplites, catapults, cataphract, quadrireme, warelephant and many more.

RomanAlliances AntiRomanAlliance
RomanRepublic Carthage
GreekCityStates Seleucid
Egypt Macedonia
Parthia Pontus
Armenia Bosporus
Pergamon Barbarians

Unit size should be 87.5%.

Units Stat:

Unit name cost att def move tranCost support SpecialNotes
skirmisher 4 1 1 1 2
spearman 5 1 2 1 2 RECEIVES
axeman 5 2 1 1 2 RECEIVES
warrior 6 2 2 1 2 RECEIVES
legionaire 6 2 2 1 2 RECEIVES receives +1 move from wall
cavalry 6 2 1 2 4 RECEIVES Blitz
horsearcher 6 1 2 2 4 RECEIVES Blitz
chariot 7 2 2 2 3 RECEIVES Receives +1 move from wall
hoplite 7 2 3 1 2 RECEIVES
cataphract 8 3 2 2 4 RECEIVES Blitz
phalanx 9 3 4 1 3 RECEIVES
warelephant 10 4 3 1 5 GIVES x2 Receives +1 move from wall
ballista 4 1 0 1 1 GIVES +1 DEF in walled terrain
archer 8 2 4 1 2 GIVES +1 DEF in walled terrain
catapult 7 2 0 1 3 GIVES x3 +2 ATT, +1 DEF in walled terrain
bireme 12 1 2 2 {2} 1d6 1ST STRIKE vs supraremes
trireme 15 3 2 2 {3} 1d6 1ST STRIKE vs biremes
quadrireme 18 3 4 2 {4} 1d6 1ST STRIKE vs triremes
quinquereme 21 4 5 2 {5} 1d6 1ST STRIKE vs quadriremes
suprareme 27 4 3 2 {8} 1d6 1ST STRIKE vs quinqueremes, Dual Strike
flagship - 1 1 2 {1} ***see below***
leader - 1 1 2 1 receives +1 att/def per allied unit type present
wall 20 0 2 0 - ***see below***
city 40 - - - - produces 3 PUs and 1 techToken per round
Unit name cost att def move tranCost support specialNotes

biremes 12 PUs to 10 PUs cost reduction.
triremes 15 PUs to 12 PUs cost reduction.
quadriremes 18 PUs to 14 PUs cost reduction.
quinqueremes 21 PUs to 16 PUs cost reduction.
supraremes 27 PUs to 20 PUs cost reduction.
navalAcademy gain extra flagship.
warCollege gain extra leader
siegeWeapons gain extra catapult or archer. cost reduced by 1 PUs each.
tradeRoutes +d6 PUs per round (called war bonds by game trigger notification).
economics cities are half cost.
construction walls are half cost.
conscription gain one free unit per round until 25 PUs worth have been generated.

VICTORY: Original non-Barbarian cities are victory cities. To win Roman alliances must control 12 VCs. The Anti-Roman alliance must control 10 VCs.

MAINTENANCE: For every five units owned in a territory, 1 PUs maintenance will be charged to the faction. Cities, walls, leaders, and flagships do not count as units toward maintenance.

TECHNOLOGIES: One wall is gained for placement with each technological upgrade. One tech roll is generated each round per city controlled. Additional rolls can be purchased for each 5 PUs saved.

LEADERS: Leaders are two hit units which regenerate at the beginning of every round. They gain +1 on amphibious attacks. Leaders receive +1 attack and defense from each type of allied unit present.

FLAGSHIPS: Flagships are two hit units which regenerate at the beginning of every round. They automatically add one hit at the beginning of any amphibious attack. Flagships receive +1 attack and defense from each type of allied ship present.

WALLS: Walls are two hit units which regenerate at the beginning of every round. Walls give 2 allied non-missile units a -1 defensive penalty, and give 2 allied missile units a +1 defensive bonus. Catapults receive a +2 attack bonus in any terrain which had at least one wall present at the beginning of the game round. Each wall enables one 3d6 first strike roll on defense versus one non-missile enemy unit.

BARBARIANS: Four barbarian strongholds exist, protected by walls. Each stronghold generates 1 free barbarian per game round until destroyed. Barbarians may pass through neutral territories, and will return original neutral territories when captured.

MAP CONNECTIONS: Parhia owned East territory connects around the water with Cryopolis to the South. Travel between Sea Zone 70 and 71 is allowed only when Byzantium and Nicaea are alliance controlled. Byzantium and Nicaea have a normal land connection.

FIRST STRIKE: Walls and ships have 1st strike capability. First strikes are a bonus attack/defense roll which only occurs before the first round of combat. The number of rolls is limited by the number of attacking units of the type rolling and by the total number of eligible targets present. The number of rolls granted is the lesser of the two.

UNIT SUPPORT: Some units give or receive support. A catapult, for example, gives 3x support. This means three eligible units can receive +1 attack and +1 defense when an allied catapult is present. Units eligible to be supported cannot receive more than +1 from support. If five warelephants and two catapults are defending with ten skirmishers and one phalanx: the phalanx receives +1 defense, the skirmishers are ineligible for support, and fifteen of sixteen supporting bonuses go unused.

ABOUT THE MAP: Version 1.0.0 redesigned by Zim Xero, Peter_the_Grate, and Ice, for optimum PvP gameplay from 230 - 170 BC. Based on 270 BC, created by Doctor Che, as reskinned by Hepster and Veqryn. The map was originally made from a pre WW2 (1936) map but it is cut and edited to suit 170BC era. Territory names are based on citys at the time give or take 500 years (not easy finding names to all). Special thanks to other TripleA ancient era game makers for unit graphic contributions, and to Veqryn for his work on the TripleA engine.