Combined Rules for A&A Europe and A&A Pacific Total War

- by Micah Burresse -

1. Board Setup

1.1 Game Board Positioning

Position the Pacific board on the left and the Europe on the right. It may be helpful if you have space to position the Pacific Board one inch lower so the US Boundaries line up.

Use the Pacific Production chart when playing this game as it is more versitile and you will still need to keep track of those Japanese kamakaze attacks.

1.2 Sea Zones

Set aside two task force cards or two areas for use as intermediate sea zones. These are the mechanism by which ships can travel between the Europe and Pacific game boards. These are explained in more detail later in the rules.

Convoy Centers on Pacific Map

The British Convoy centers in sea zones 49 and 15 are now Austrailian convoy centers, this means Australias income is now 28. You may use one of the Australian national control markers on the space to avoid confusion

1.3 Land Territories

Set aside one task force card (or area) for India-Iraq land transition zone. This is the only way land units can go between boards other than sea transport.

Russian Setup:

Russia is the one exception when it comes to set up of pieces. The 3 infantry and 1 artillery in Siberia now go in the space marked ""Soviet Union"". After round 2 you may move these back to their original space (see Siberian Free Transfer)

IPC Values:

In the original world based Axis and Allies(TM) by Milton Bradley(R) the economies were much different. The table below shows the level of the economies in Total War. Click here to get an explanation how the IPC-levels of each of the countries were detemined.

NationA&A - Original GameA&A Europe + A&A PacificA&A Total WarRound 1/Round 3)
United Kingdom302525/44
  • China's income is not ipc based.

2. Object of the game

In the spirit of the original world based A&A game the following victory conditions apply:

Capture two capitals while none of your allies (or yourself) capitals are under enemy control. Economic Victory by the Axis (Axis controls 84 IPCs of territory at end of game turn). Oil countries are NOT counted in this total. Japanese victory points are no longer a valid way to end the game.

3. Order of Play/Activation of Pacific Board

A&A Europe takes place in March '41 and A&A Pacific takes place in December '41, therefore two complete game turns are played on the Europe board before the Pacific one is played on. During the first two turns A&A Europe rules are followed. Japan and Australia do recieve a 12 IPC special purchase (Turn 0). Order of play during the first two turns is the same as listed in the Europe manual. After turn three, Pacific rules are used, order of play is as follows:

Japan Germany Soviet Union UK/Australia US/China Play on both boards is simultaneous during turn 3 and beyond.


4. Starting Incomes

For UK/US/USSR/GERMANY use the starting incomes on the Europe cards For JAPAN/AUSTRALIA use the starting incomes on the Pacific cards. For Example: Australia would recieve 20 IPCs to start rather than the 28 they have in income. 5. Technologies

The original six technologies in the MB A&A are allowed in A&A Total War. If you don't have the original Milton Bradley A&A you can ignore this section. Use the rules that came with MB A&A for technologies.

6. Intermediate Sea Zones and Land Territory

Intermediate zones can not be used until round 3. Movement into intermediate zones must be done during non combat. Naval Traffic may only enter intermediate zone if they have a space of movement left. all non-flying units must stop in the intermediate zone (even if they have movement left) Flying units (fighters and bombers) count the intermediate zone as two spaces and may continue onto the next board. Forces of opposing sides may share the Intermediate zones without conflict (this is because they actually represent several spaces) Forces in intermediate zones must leave them at earliest opportunity, even if it requires conflict on a destination board. Indian Ocean Intermediate Sea Zone

The IOISZ borders Sea zones 50-52 and 54 on the pacific map and the Red Sea on the Europe map. The Red Sea is considered adjacent to Eastern Med via the Suez Canal. Also the Red Sea is considered a seperate space.

Furthermore naval traffic between Eastern Med and Red Sea is only possible if you own Egypt. This is meant to represent the narrow Suez Canal, where land units can fire upon ships in the canal.

India/Iraq Intermediate Land Territory

The IIILT borders India on the Pacific board and Iraq on the Europe board

Panama Intermediate Sea Zone

The PISZ borders sea zones 1-5 on the Pacific board and Central Atlantic and South Atlantic on the Europe board. The Panama Canal is located in this Sea Zone. Travel through the PISZ is limited to Allied units and Axis planes (if movement would allow them to)

7. Soviet Union

Siberian Free Transfer

On game turn 3, units in the space marked ""Soviet Union"" on the Pacific map may be moved to Siberia, this is done at the beginning of the Soviet player turn and units moved may be used in combat or any other way these units would normally be able to be used. The Soviet player can only use this movement bonus once. Troops moved out after this ability has been used must do so during combat or non combat and count movement from ""Soviet Union"" to Siberia as one space of movement.

Russo-Japanese Treaty

The Soviet Union may not attack Japan until the fall of the German capital AND the destruction of the remaining German forces. If Germany's only units are stranded and unable to get to the German capital this will satisfy the requirement.

""Soviet Union"" Space on Pacific Board

The ""Soviet Union"" space on the Pacific Board is considered adjacent to Siberia on the Europe map. The Soviet player may move units into this space on any game turn. The Soviet Player may not move troops away from this space until turn 3 (See Siberian Free Transfer).

8. Japan

Japans First Strike


Russo-Japanese Treaty

Japan may not attack Russia until Russia does attack after the fall of Germany.

9. US

The US on Europe and Pacific Boards are considered adjacent but seperate territories.

US Marines

US Marines may be built at the start of the game, they are always placed in the Eastern US and must remain on the Europe Board until turn 3 when the Pacific Board is activated.

10. UK

Canada on the Europe and Pacific maps are considered adjacent and separate territories.


If you find rules that need to be clarified or if you find conditions in which a rule does not work, please send suggestions to the author at Thank You. Click here to get an explanation how the IPC-levels of each of the countries were detemined.