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First objective: Capture British Somaliland.To achieve this you need to do a few things:

  • Move around the map: Hold right mouse button and drag
  • Find Somalia.....
  • Select the Infantry: Left mouse click on the unit
  • Move it to British Somaliland
  • Drop the Infantry: Left mouse click to drop
  • When captured the territory will change color to dark brown

TripleA has a few more options to move around the map and select units: Have a look in the Help-tab(Top-left of your screen). Look in the Movement/Selection help-section. Try out the different options and find one you like best. Tip: Using the minimap to move around on the big map works great!

Captured British Somaliland? Then go to the Action-tab next to the Notes-tab and click Done.

New unit info So you got yourselves a brand new Tank hey? If you want to get some info on your new units you have a few options:

  • Have a look in the Help-tab (Top-left of your screen).
    Look in the Unit help-section. (More detailed info)
  • Hover the mouse over the unit and press V or I


Second objective: Capture Kenya, Ethiopia and Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

If you use your Infantry to capture Ethiopia and your Tank to capture the other two territories you can do this in just one turn!

The white territories (like Egypt) are Neutral and cannot be attacked.

Done? Again go to the Action-tab and click Done.


First objective: Attack Slovakia Hungary!Move the 2 Infantry from Germany to Slovakia Hungary for the attack. Use the Tank to blitz Greater Southern Germany and join the attack in Slovakia Hungary! But wait..

Before starting battle first check below how battles work in TripleA.


This is the Battle window. The attacker (Germany) fires first. For each unit a die is rolled.

Infantry have an Attack power of 1 which means each rolled 1 is a hit. In the above example both Infantry missed (Rolled 3 and 2). Tanks have an Attack power of 3. So for each 1,2 or 3 they score a hit (50% chance). In this case the Tank rolled a 3 thus a hit. The enemy Infantry is hit, but still has a chance to return fire, see the picture below.

The enemy Infantry was hit, but still has a defense roll. Infantry has a Defense power of 2, so each 1 or 2 scores a hit (33%). In this case it scored a defensive hit (2) and now Germany has to select a casualty. Select an Infantry as casualty because it is the cheaper and weaker unit.

If neither side won the battle you have the option to continue fighting or retreat. When retreating all units retreat to one territory where at least one attacking unit came from. So in this case you can retreat to either Germany or Greater Southern Germany.

To continue click Actions >> Done and then Battle in Slovakia Hungary... If you lost the Battle window you cand find it in your taskbar, bottom of your screen.


Second objective: Capture Poland!Poland is better defended so you will need more units.

If you doubt your attacking army is strong enough you can use the Battle Calculator. This useful tool gives you a good indication of your chance of success in battle.

To use the Battle Calculator:

  • Move all attacking units to the target territory.
  • Hover the mouse over the target territory.
  • press CTRL+B
  • In the Battle Calculator window press Calculate Odds
  • The top-right number is your chance of success.
  • If you don't like your odds you can Undo your Combat Moves.

Note: The Battle Calculator gives you a chance of success, no guarantee! After all this is a game with Dice!

Turn Order

1: Research Technology not yet now, we'll deal with Tech later. 2: Purchase The new units you buy now can be placed at the end of your turn, after all movement and battles. 3: Combat Move Move your units into battle. 4: Battle Resolve all battles. 5: Non-Combat Move Move all units that can still move. 6: Place units Place the units you bought at the start of your turn. Maximum placement per Factory = territory value. 7: Collect income This is the end of your turn. The value of all your territories will be added and payed out as PUs.


Capture all of Scandinavia.Finland and Sweden are willing to cooperate but Denmark and Norway will have to be conquered by force!

Transporting Troops

  • Move your land units to a sea zone with a Transport ship
  • 2 Infantry or 1 Infantry + 1 Tank per ship
  • Move Transport ships to Sea zone for unloading
  • Move troops to land
  • Impossible to retreat from amphibious attack!

Shore Bombardment

  • Move troops to enemy territory by Transport
  • Bring Battleship to same sea zone
  • Hit enemy troops are removed immediately, no returning fire
  • Enemy ships present? Battleship has to fight naval battle, no bombardment possible


Capture all 4 French Territories.Capturing the Capital, France, will give you a nice reward.

Capturing a Capital

  • If you capture an enemy Capital you receive all the PUs that enemy has in the bank
  • Without a Capital the enemy cannot receive any income
  • For a player to receive income the Capital has to be owned from the start of that players turn
  • So whatever happens, do not lose your own Capital!


  • Shows players in their fixed turn order
  • PUs = Money in the bank
  • Production = Total of all territory value owned, a good measure of economic strength
  • Units = number of units on the board
  • TUV = Total Unit Value, a rough measure of military strength
  • In the bottom, the Allies- and Axis-line shows the added stats per Alliance


Gain economic strength by capturing Balkan Territories quickly.This nation is an Active AI and will buy, move and attack if the right opportunity occurs. The longer you wait the more units it will buy.

Strategic Bombing

  • Move Bomber to an enemy territory with a Factory
  • Choose "Bomb" when asked "Bomb" or "Attack"
  • Each Bomber rolls 1 die
  • Number rolled = PUs lost by enemy
  • Maximum damage per Bomber = territory value
  • Watch out for Anti-Aircraft!

AI Speed Setting

  • Go to the Game-tab
  • Select Engine Settings
  • Select AI
  • Change AI Pause Duration
  • Set lower for faster moving AI
  • Set higher for slower moving AI
  • This doesn't change the speed of AI-thinking, just moving!

Review History

  • Go to the Game-tab
  • Select Show history
  • History panel is left side of your screen
  • Review moves by opening + markers
  • Done?
  • Go to the Game-tab
  • Select Show current game

Italian Objective----

Weaken the British by destroying their economic base in Africa and the Middle-East.By doing this you will support Germany in its fight against the British. You will also gain a strong economic base for future military adventures.

Make sure the Italian Navy rules the Mediterranean. This will allow you to transport units to Africa. Capturing Egypt is the key to Victory!

German Objective----

Destroy all British Naval vessels in the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea.By building a strong Navy and taking on the British you can prevent British amphibious landings in Europe. Keep them locked up on their Island! You can retreat to safety in the Baltic sea if necessary.

Straits & Canals

  • These are narrow seaways limiting passage of ships
  • Passage of ships is controlled by owning 1 or 2 land territories
  • They can be of great strategic value
  • Danish Straits: Control Denmark
  • Strait of Gibraltar: Control Gibraltar
  • Suez Canal: Control both Egypt and Trans-Jordan
  • Turkish Straits: Control Turkey

Rockets Advance

  • Technology advance
  • Each Anti-Aircraft gun can shoot rockets at an enemy Factory
  • Range = 3
  • Each strike rolls 1 die, number rolled = PU's lost
  • Maximum damage = territory value
  • Only 1 strike per Factory allowed

Research Technolgy

  • Choose which Technology to research
  • Buy dice, 5 PUs per die
  • Roll dice, 6 = success
  • Stats-tab shows who owns what technology


  • Rockets Advance: AA guns can target factories
  • Super Subs: Each Submarine's Attack power is increased by 1
  • Long Range Air: All aircraft range is increased by 2
  • Jet Power: All Fighters Defensive power is increased by 1
  • Destroyers can Bombard: Can support amphibious attack
  • Heavy Bomber: Each Bomber throws double dice!


Capture all three Russian Production Territories: Novgorod, Rostov and the Capital Russia!Build a powerful army to overwhelm the Russians. Gaining the upper hand in the Baltic Sea will allow you to strike fast and by surprise. Capturing Novgorod quickly will deny the enemy use of its Factory and allow you to produce troops close to Russia.

Italy can attack through Romania and Ukraine. Capturing Turkey opens up a new route into Southern Russia and the Turkish Straits for your Navy to move through. The Italian navy can then launch surprise attacks behind enemy lines and reinforce troops on the frontline quickly.


Scenario design & XML: ZjelcoP & CrazyGerman

Pop-ups & Game Notes: ZjelcoP

Original map creation: Veqryn & Bung

Creating an awesome game! : TripleA developers & Community

Special Thanks to the Following artists for allowing the use of their amazing Artwork: Giuseppe Rava Michel Guyot Randall Wilson


Scandinavia: Ben Ashmole, France: Brian Uhreen, Image cropped,text added Mediterranean: Gnuckx, Image cropped,text added Russia: Dennis Jarvis, Image cropped,text added, color balance