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German U-Boat Alteration Rules

- by Steve Mah -


Although Germany can win, it should be able to do this when being played by someone of average skill and not master level. However this rule was something I devised based on what I thought should be there to start, not just balance.

Basically, Germany was the only country that HAD U-Boats in the first place. The idea that the Allies can just build them at will is one of the few things that annoys me about the game. In short, the Allies can build subs, but not right away.

Building Subs

Germany can build subs from the beginning of the game. The Allies first have to develop the technology needed for building submarines.

Remove the initial soviet sub and replace it with a transport. The allies must place their units first instead of Germany during the cash advance. Make a little board like the weapons development one with ""subs"" on it. The three Allied countries have a space for one NCM on this board. This is treated exactly like weapons development from the first game, with 5 IPC's a roll. You must roll a 6 to acquire submarine technology. If more than one 6 is rolled it is simply voided. The country which successfully researched submarines then places an NCM on the respective symbol, and may build submarines.

Optional Adjustments from the Premise of the Rule

Add some, all, or none of the following rules to the above rule to modify it.

Because this rule effectively denies the Soviets submarine technology, the U.S.A. may give the Soviet Union money specifically for rolling the development. A German sub must first be ""captured"" to study it. This is done by simply destroying the sub in a battle where there is an allied transport present. The Allies may now roll developments. The allies must also develop radar for the destroyers to detect submarines, negating their first strike and allowing planes to attack them. Radar can be researched from the beginning and you must roll a 5 or a 6 to successfully acquire it. The entire rule can be changed so the Allies have subs as normal, but must research radar.

This rule is designed to give Germany the short lived edge that it had in the war. I personally would use it to cripple the Allies if Germany was no more experienced than the Allies combined. Depending on how much extra edge Germany needs, the options can be added.

Steve Mah: