Based off of Big world, U-Boat's 1939 is a Big_world variant.

Rules: Play order: Germany>Russia>Italy>United Kingdom>Japan>China>United States

Strait of Gibraltar and The Bering Strait have been added as canals. You cannot attack capitals on round 1 (this includes no strategic bombing raids).


Axis Faction: Germany, Italy, and Japan

Allies Faction: Russia, UK, US, and China

  • Units: Attack/Defence/Move/Cost
  • Infantry 1/2/1/3 Artillery supportable
  • Artillery 2/2/1/4 Support infantry
  • Armour 3/3/2/5 Can blitz
  • Fighter 3/4/4/10
  • Bomber 4/1/6/15 Conducts Strategic Bombing Raids
  • Carrier 1/2/2/16 Holds up to 2 fighters or one bomber
  • Battleship 4/4/2/24 Takes 2 hits to kill, and can bombard
  • Cruiser 3/3/2/12 Can bombard
  • Destroyer 2/2/2/10 Cancels sub abilities
  • Submarine 2/2/2/8 Sneak attacks, can pass under enemy ships unless destroyer is present
  • Transport -/1/2/8 Carries one land unit plus an infantry (The land unit can be substituted with an infantry)
  • AA Gun -/1/1/5 Fires at planes
  • Factory -/-/-/35 Makes units

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