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                 Ultimate Pants: ww2v3Rules v0.0303 == This is 'Joey Pants' 'Ultimate Pants' map

This Setup is using WW2v3 Rules, because of that change THIS SETUP NEEDS MORE BALANCING.

Gameplay Order: Tech>Repair>Combat Move>Purchase>Battle>Non Combat>Place Units
Flipping these should enable better choices when purchasing, and may be removed once balancing is better

The Axis Powers now include Finland, Romania, Iraq, and Thailand, all taken from the former Puppet States except Iraq, which is taken from Britain.
The Allied Powers are bolstered by France and India, broken off from Great Britain.
Additionally, Canada's interests in Europe have been given over to the alliance of Greece and Romania - the Balkan States.

=== Capitals === The capitals of the world powers and the turn order is as follows:
Germany - Berlin
France - Paris
Finland - Lensi Suomen
Russia - Moscow
Italy - Northern Italy
Great Britain - London
Romania - Romania
Balkan States - Greece
Iraq - Iraq
Canada - Ontario
Thailand - Cambodia
India - Bombay
China - Kansu
Japan - Tokyo
United States - North-East United States
Australia - Victoria

Ultimate Pants-ww2v3