Units are the stuff that move around (usually) and do stuff in the game. Units are defined in the unitList. Here is an example of a unit definition

<unit name="fighter"/>

  <productionRule name="buyFighter">
      <cost resource="PUs" quantity="10" />
      <result resourceOrUnit="fighter" quantity="1"/>

The actual capabilities of a unit are defined in the unitAttatchment section.


<attatchment name="unitAttatchment" attatchTo="fighter" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attatchments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
                        <option name="movement" value="4"/>
                        <option name="carrierCost" value="1"/>
                        <option name="isAir" value="true"/>
                        <option name="attack" value="3"/>
                        <option name="defense" value="4"/>

Below is an incomplete list of unit properties.

movementIntegerThe allowed movement points
transportCostIntegerThe cost for being loaded onto a transport ship
carrierCostIntegerThe cost for being loaded onto an air-craft carrier
transportCapacityIntegerThe maximum number of items a transport ship can load
carrierCapacityIntegerThe maximum number of items an air-craft carrier can load
canBlitzBooleanAllows a unit to capture an undefended territory while moving on to the next
canBombardBooleanAllows an air unit to have bombardment capabilities
isAirBooleanSpecifies if this unit can fly in the air or not
isSeaBooleanSpecifies of this unit can go in water or not
isFactoryBooleanSpecifies if this unit is a factory
isDestroyerBooleanSpecifies if this unit is a destroyer
isAABooleanSpecifies if this unit is an anti-aircraft gun
isSubBooleanSpecifies if this is a submersible unit
isTwoHitBooleanAllows a unit to absorb one extra attack hits before being destroyed
isStrategicBomberBooleanSpecifies if an air-craft can perform strategic bombing
artillerySupportableBooleanSpecifies if this unit can be supported by artillery or not
artilleryBooleanSpecifies if this is an artillery unit or not
attackIntegerThe attack value
defenseIntegerThe defense value