Ur-Quan Slave War: Masters Edition by DrSeptapus Version 1.0

Inspired by the awesome universe that is the Star Control series. Take part as either the Alliance, a group of rebels who attempt the overthrow their slave lords. Or as the Hierarchy, lead by the Ur-Quan they seek to retain their hold over the Alliance.

Alliance Nations:
Chmmr(Also has Chenjetsu and Mmrnmhrm ships)
Humans(Also has Arilou and Syreen ships)
Orz(Also has Androsynth chips)
Utwig(Also has Supok ships)
Zeep-Zeep(Rebel Yehat with Shofixti ships)

Hierarchy Nations:
Veep-Neep(Loyalist Yehat)

Solo Nations(should be played by A.I.)

Each nation here(except the Slylandro) has 1 Victory City at their capital. Either side will need 14 VCs to win.

Space: This is a faction I put in for the sake of getting that A.I. to actually expand, without the space faction the A.I. would only attack player owned tiles. I would suggest you set this faction to Does Nothing A.I.

Some Notes:
This map does not work like other space maps in that every tile is a land tile and there are no naval units, all ships are simply land units (except 2 air units).

Some nations start with ships that they are not able to build again. The Ur-Quan start with a unit called the Sa-Matra, the Humas get the Vindicator, Vux get Admiral ZEX and Slylandro get Melnorme Traders. Use these units very wisely, they are quite strong.

A few nations are in a very rough spot and can be(almost expect to be) crippled or conquered early. These nations are the ZoqFotPik, Humans, Orz, Vux, Zeep-Zeep, and Veep-Neep. These nations are by no means useless and can become very strong with good expansions but they will take a but more skill than other nations.

As mentioned above the Kor-Ah, Druuge, and Slylandro are each on their own. This means they will attack anyone and everyone who comes near them. However the Kor-Ah and Druuge capitals are counted towards the 14 VCs you need for a win so consider conquering them if able. 

Nations: Ur-Quan Chmmr Vux Zeep-Zeep Ilwrath Pkunk Spathi ZoqFotPik Umgah Orz Veep-Neep Thraddash Humans Mycon Utwig Kor-Ah Slylandro Druuge Space
Units: Dreadnought Avenger Cruiser Terminator Probe Factory Slaveshield Avatar Broodhome X-Wing Y-Wing Mauler Penetrator Skiff Marauder Podship Guardian Nemesis Fury Trader Eluder Torch Drone Blade Jugger Intruder Scout Stinger OrbitalDefense SaMatra Fighter Marine Vindicator ZEX

Ur-Quan Slave War-Masters Edition