Axis and Allies Europe

 Various Middle East Rules

I. Middle East Income for the Allies - by Don Rae

After much, much pondering, and toying around with various ideas since the game's introduction - I think I may have a very simple solution for the obvious game balancing problems of the "seven turn stack conflict" in this game. Adjust the middle east rules slightly in the following manner, by adding the single following rule to the basic game ruleset...

Middle East Income for the Allies

At the end of each complete game turn (after all the nations have taken their turn) - all Allied controlled Middle East income is distributed among the allies of their choice.


This new rule will resolve and re-balance many of the advantages the Germans have with their incredibly massive first turn setup without the need for doing any setup changes to the game at all. This rule tends to have the following effects on the game playout:

It should force the Germans to play extremely aggressively at the outset, thereby necessarily thinning out their forces a bit more near the game beginning....thus forcing the Germans to spread out to defend a (much stronger) Russian border as the game progresses into succeeding turns. Of course, this will change the whole approach to the game right from the outset (the early game rush to stack German units is not feasible with a probable Russian cashout of 28-32 at the beginning of the game - it just isn't going to happen without further German expansion first.)

It potentially gives the Allies some needed income for pushing back a bit more aggressively at the beginning of the game, thus giving them some more needed time to fight in the Atlantic.

The sea zones become a lot more important to deal with, since Germany is forced to attack and hold them more stringently. More German sea unit investments may be required for this.

It puts more time into the game playout - and therefore, bombing considerations become even more paramount for victory.

It forces even more diversification of German units, thus elminating the stack problem from occurring to begin with. The middle east cannot be ignored in this playout at all.

It also forces the diversification of Russian units as well, if they want to defend the middle east from total domination, thus eliminating the stack problem from the Allied side of things.

It changes the purchasing considerations significantly, putting more emphasis overall on fleet and German airforce for victory.

Additional Rule by TroyAtUW

Decreasing the American income to 32, so the total income of the Allies stays the same.

II. 'Variable Ownership' - by Mot

At the start of a round the Alies have to deceide who 'owns' (collect the oil-IPCs) this round. The country 'owning' the specific Middle East area has to pay if this area becomes German controlled.

You simple place the desired Allied territory marker on each ME country. At the end Vof the game turn, those IPCs get collected by that player. BUT when Germany takes that ME country the nation who's marker is there is forced to pay (since it was his oil). Otherwise you'll see Russia collecting on all of the ME, but then the US paying Germany for captured ones. That doesn't make much sense. With thepre-allocation it involves alot of stratgey in how many to give to each country (and will likely effect attack and defense choices in the area).

III. Egypt Factory & Splitting the ME Income - by Sgt. Apone

The UK gets an IC in Egypt that can only produce with oil money. Allies collect oil money and split it up as they see fit. Allies then have difficult choice of beefing up Russia at the expense of reinforcing the IC in Egypt.

This rule first appeared in AAEMC's Forum: "A Simple Anti-Stack Solution for A&AE". Don Rae posted his rule October 16 2001. ToryAtUW posted his additional rule October 25 2001. Mot and Sgt. Apone posted their rules October 16 2001