Axis and Allies Europe Victory Point Systems Proposed Rules by Avalon Hill - Version 1.1 - Introduction 1. New Factories

Add a factory and AA gun to France. This is a German-owned IC. It is a FULL-BUILD factory, just like Germany and N. Italy. Add a factory and AA gun to Egypt. This is a British-controlled IC. However, it has a build restriction. The total IPC value of units placed there cannot be higher than the Allied-controlled oil money at the end of the British turn. In other words, if the Allies hold all 8 IPCs of the Middle East, then 8 IPCs worth of material can be built in the factory on UK's turn (2 art, 1 arm & 1 inf, or a sub, for example). Remark on builds in Egyptian factory

Although units are purchased at the start of the turn, they are placed at the end. It is easier bookkeeping to look at the chart at the end of the turn to see how much oil money is controlled by the Allies rather than note it at the beginning and try to remember. The UK does not need to say where he is placing units at the start of the turn (of course). But during place units, he may not place more IPCs worth of units in Egypt than the Allied oil money. The same goes for Germany if she controls this factory.

The rest of the set-up is the same.

2. Initial build

Each side gets 12 IPCs, as per usual, but the Allies place FIRST and Germany places SECOND.

3. CAP

The CAP rules from Axis and Allies Pacific are used (CAP rules were not used in version 1.0).

4. SBR

A new rule for SBRs. If you attack an IC that is a 'home IC' (one that was owned at the beginning of the game), then SBRs work as normal. If you SBR a factory that has been taken over and is now a 'held IC', then SBRs DO NOT TAKE ANY IPCs. Instead, as long as you do damage greater than the IPC value of the territory, then the IC is tipped on its side and cannot be used by the enemy next turn.

Example: Germany holds Leningrad and Russia does an SBR against it. One bomber gets through and does 2 point on the SBR. This is greater than 1, so the factory is tipped on its side. Next turn Germany cannot build in Leningrad. At the end of Germany's turn, the factory is uprighted and, provided Russia does not SBR again, Germany can build there next turn.

Example 2: US holds Northern Italy and Germany SBRs it. Germany does 4 points of damage. This is not greater than the value of Italy (it is equal to it) so the factory remains in play next turn.

5. Victory Points

Germany must collect at least 35 IPCs at the end of her turn to score any VPs. This includes standard income plus any obtained for the Middle East and/or for taking a capital.

(The miniumum amount of IPCs needed for Germany to collect VPs was 40 in version 1.0)

Provided she collects at least 35 IPCs, Germany scores 1 VP for every factory she controls at the end of her turn, including her three home factories.

Germany loses 1 VP for every 10 IPCs turned over due to SBRs in a single Allied turn.

6. Winning the Game

Germany wins if she gets to 22 VPs at the end of her turn. (How convenient). The Allies win if they take Germany before this happens. Germany does NOT lose if she fails to score a VP in a turn.

NOTE: Germany can only win by gaining enough VPs. Germany cannot win by capturing a capital!

Version 1.0

In the original proposal (version 1.0) Germany needed 40 IPCs to collect IPCs. This was changed to 35 IPCs. Further, CAP was not in effect. In version 1.1 it is. Both changes were mentioned in a post on September 12 2001.

Original Posting

These rules were posted in the AAEuropeMC Forum July 5 2001. The title of the thread is: "Offical AH Playtesting -- if you have time".