Info Name: wd_Libya

War in Libya 2010 - 2011

Khadafi won't leave his post and stays in command over Libya. The major city's are captured by the rebels but Khadafi fight back with his army. Tanks are Khadafi major power and he gain fast control over some city's but then for the first time in history an allied force of Amerika , Europe and Islamic country's are comming to help the Rebel army to overtrown Khadafi. Khadafi starts this game with a lot of tanks + invention Rockets representing the terror of destruction The rebels starts this game with some carriers and fighters + bombers representing the allied forces + invention Warbonds , representing the aid from Europe (Italy,France,Belgium) +increased factory production representing the aid from Islamic country's like oman,Egypt,Tunesia,... .

It's my first map created for tripleA. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do , please send me a postcard. werner dupont [nickname wood11] Jozef Kenneslei 29 2610 Wilrijk Belgium. 0032 3 232 73 96

Wd Libya