The TripleA version of AA50-41

1941 Starting Set-Up Credits: Triplelk Jason Clark - baseline Zero Pilot Mike McCaughey - integration ComradeKev - custom code and rules Seidelin - playtesting


  • Air/Naval Tech
  • SUPER SUBS- subs attack at 3
  • JET POWER- fighters attack at 4
  • IMPROVED SHIPYARDS- naval units are cheaper
  • AA RADAR- AA hit on 2 or less
  • LONG RANGE AIRCRAFT- aircraft range increased by 2
  • HEAVY BOMBER- roll 2 dice for each bomber attack
  • Land/Production Tech
  • IMPROVED ARTILLERY SUPPORT- artillery support 2 infantry
  • ROCKETS- AA conduct rocket attacks for 1d6 damage to production (each factory may only be targetted once per turn by one rocket, and only 1 rocket in each territory may fire)
  • PARATROOPERS- each bomber may carry 1 infantry into combat (must stop in first enemy territory it reaches)
  • INCREASED FACTORY PRODUCTION- factories produce 2 additional units (if territory value is 3 or greater), repairs 1/2 price
  • WAR BONDS- collect an 1d6 extra PUs each turn
  • MECHANIZED INFANTRY- tanks may carry 1 infantry each for 2 spaces

Victory Conditions

  • Total Victory - 18 Victory Cities
  • Honorable Surrender - 15 Victory Cities
  • Projection of Power - 13 Victory Cities

National Objectives

Germany: Lebensraum-

  • +5 PUs if Axis control France, NW Europe, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland.
  • +5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Baltic States, East Poland, Ukraine, East Ukrain, and Belorussia.
  • +5 PUs if Axis control Karelia or Caucasus

Japan: The Greater East Asia Coprosperity Sphere-

  • +5 PUs if Axis control Manchuria, Kiangsu, and French Indo China.
  • +5 PUs if Axis control 4 of Kwangtung, East Indies, Borneo, Philippine Islands, New Guinea and Solomon Islands.
  • +5 PUs if Axis control 1 of Hawaiian Islands, Australia, or India

Italy: Mare Nostrum-

  • +5 PUs if Axis control Italy, Balkans, Morocco and Libya AND no enemy surface ships in sea zones 13, 14, or 15.
  • +5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Egypt, Trans Jordan, France, and Gibraltar

United States: The Arsenal of Democracy-

  • +5 PUs Allies control W U.S., Central U.S., and E U.S.
  • +5 PUs if Allies control Philippine Islands.
  • +5 PUs if Allies control France.
  • +5 PUs if Allies control 3 of Midway, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands, and Solomon Islands.

United Kingdom: The British Empire-

  • +5 PUs if Allies control E Canada, W Canada, Gibraltar, Egypt, Australia and South Africa.
  • +5 PUs if Allies control any territory originally controlled by Japan.
  • +5 PUs if Allies control France or the Balkans.

Soviet Union: The Great Patriotic War-

  • +10 PUs if Allies control 3 of Norway, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Balkans.
  • +5 PUs if Soviets control Archangel and no allied forces in Soviet controlled territories.

China: Chinese Resistance & The Flying Tigers

  • +1 infantry for every two territories controlled by China at the beginning of her turn. These infantry must be place in a territory with less than three Chinese pieces. No Chinese Units, including the Chinese Fighter may leave Chinese territory (except for Kwangtung) (this means no entering sea zones).