Nations: Russians,Germans,BritishJapaneseAmericansChinese

A scenario built for a game with no alliances, with China added to the Asian theatre. only UK, USA, and Japan get starting units (2trans usa/jap, 1trans,1inf,1factory uk). v3/aa50 rules. ***a few rules are found below.....

  1. attacking a capital on turn 1 of any kind is allowed, not even strategic bombing.
  1. more than five units may be placed in each land territory during your bid placement phase, with an Exception for placing in your Capital.
  1. 3.all naval units MUST be placed in a seazone adjacent to an industrial complex you own (you may place units in seazones next to bid-purchased industrial complex).
  1. may only purchase a maximum of 2 battleships with your bid money.
  1. 5.limit yourself to 5 minute turns, negotiate on other people's turns not yours. try to play quickly.
  1. 6.anyone may pass through every Canal, regarless of ownership. (you can pass through panama, suez)
  1. 7.only 1 person can win, so conduct your diplomacy accordingly. If you do get backstabbed, try to be a good sport, and do not take it personally, everyone should backstab and be backstabbed eventually.
  1. giving your capitol to a player. If your capital gets taken, and you have no chance to take it back for good, then you have have lost the game. Command your armies until they are no more, or ask to be replaced by an AI.
  1. 9.have fun! (place your bids in a balanced fashion...diplomacy sometimes fails! do not be a bad sport! suiciding yourself IS being a bad sport.).
  1. 10.because there are lots of players, there is a chance someone will disconnect. meet back in the lobby and start your game up again with the latest autosave. be patient. don't leave, thats just lame!

@Optional Rules: @house rules are subject to the host of the game's approval.

  1. 1. No Buying Tech Tokens for first 2-3 rounds. - optional, less tech spam
  1. 2. Everyone must buy a factory during the bid. - optional, makes for a more dynamic game
  1. 3. Everyone must buy some navy, at least 30 pu's of navy. - optional
  1. 4. Gunboat Diplomacy. - optional
  1. 5. Anything everyone agrees on Before game starts. - optional
  • Clarifications:
  1. 1. Placing Factories does not count towards the 5 unit maximum per territory.
  1. 2. Sea Units being placed next to a Bid Placed Factory do not count towards the 5 unit maximum of that land territory with the factory.
  1. 3. Bid Placing Sea units have no restriction on the maximum number you can place.
  1. 4. You may not bid place land units in transports at sea (TripleA does not allow this anyway, but that could change in the future, so just making sure by putting it here).
  1. 5. Himalayas and Kazakh do not touch.

Changes from Version 1.3: Removed land connection from Panama to Venezuela. Panama is now impassible. Removed all canals (you can pass without owning the land now) Made UK bid and bidplace go last, turn order unaffected. (don't forget to defend your island uk) Note that this game works off of WW2v4 map, so some north american connections are different than ww2v2 revised. So Western Canada does not touch sz63, Central USA touches sz10 and Panama, Eastern USA doesn't touch panama, etc. Based off the old 6army ffa on the revised map, converted up by Veqryn. The newest version of World War II. This mod uses a map similar to the World War II Revised map with the new rule structure from World War II v3. Last edited Feb 28, 2010, by Veqryn.

WW2v4 Six Army Free For All