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This map is for the gamer that wants to make their own rules and set-up for this hypothetical WW3 scenario in the 1980s.  It links with the WW3 NATO vs Russia during the 1980s as well.

The Cold War in the 1980s goes hot!  The USSR goes to war with NATO!  Play out WW3 in Europe, the Atlantic, Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa.  How will the neutral countries be affected by WW3?  Can Warsaw Pact forces take western Europe and prevent reinforcements from across the Atlantic?  Will the war go nuclear?

This map is printed on vinyl and measures 44 x 28 inches.  It represents the political and economic situation in Europe in the period between 1980 and 1990.  Features of the map include:

-Technology track

-Rail Points track

-Time track (by year and season)

-Values printed on each space with either a factory, oil, agriculture, mining or forestry icon.

-Important ports

-Terrain such as rivers, mountains, snow capped mountains, deserts, and forests

-Sea spaces are numbered, and land spaces are named

-Capital cites clearly identified.