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Download: From repository Experimental/WW2v3_Variants UK Factory
The UK begins with a Factory "held" (as a bid), and this represents the power of her colonies to provide troops.
by Veqryn

Balancing changes:
UK Starts with a Factory and 2 Infantry as a bid.
1 Japanese Infantry moved from French-Indo-China to Kiangsu
1 UK Infantry moved back from Burma to India
1 UK Infantry moved from Trans-Jordan to Persia
1 UK Infantry moved from South Africa to Persia
-1 Infantry in Australia
The UK starts with 6 less PU (for a total of 37)

Tech Activation happens AFTER you place your units (at the end of your turn)
China figures troops based on After their combat phase rather than before.

Safe places to put the factory: Canada, South Africa, Australia, Persia.
Risky places to put the factory: Egypt, India

1941 Starting Set-Up
Triplelk Jason Clark - baseline
Zero Pilot Mike McCaughey - integration
ComradeKev - custom code and rules
Seidelin - playtesting


      • Air/Naval Tech ***
        SUPER SUBS- subs attack at 3
        JET POWER- fighters attack at 4
        IMPROVED SHIPYARDS- naval units are cheaper
        AA RADAR- AA hit on 2 or less
        LONG RANGE AIRCRAFT- aircraft range increased by 2
        HEAVY BOMBER- roll 2 dice for each bomber attack
      • Land/Production Tech ***
        IMPROVED ARTILLERY SUPPORT- artillery support 2 infantry
        ROCKETS- AA conduct rocket attacks for 1d6 damage to production
        PARATROOPERS- each bomber may carry 1 infantry into combat
        INCREASED FACTORY PRODUCTION- factories produce 2 additional units, repairs 1/2 price
        WAR BONDS- collect an 1d6 extra PUs each turn
        MECHANIZED INFANTRY- tanks may carry 1 infantry each for 2 spaces

Victory Conditions Total Victory - 18 Victory Cities
Honorable Surrender - 15 Victory Cities
Projection of Power - 13 Victory Cities

National Objectives Germany: Lebensraum- +5 PUs if Axis control France, NW Europe, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland.
+5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Baltic States, East Poland, Ukraine, East Ukrain, and Belorussia.
+5 PUs if Axis control Karelia or Caucasus

Japan: The Greater East Asia Coprosperity Sphere- +5 PUs if Axis control Manchuria, Kiangsu, and French Indo China.
+5 PUs if Axis control 4 of Kwangtung, East Indies, Borneo, Philippine Islands, New Guinea and Solomon Islands.
+5 PUs if Axis control 1 of Hawaiian Islands, Australia, or India

Italy: Mare Nostrum- +5 PUs if Axis control Italy, Balkans, Morocco and Libya AND no enemy surface ships in sea zones 13, 14, or 15.
+5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Egypt, Trans Jordan, France, and Gibraltar

United States: The Arsenal of Democracy- +5 PUs Allies control W U.S., Central U.S., and E U.S.
+5 PUs if Allies control Philippine Islands.
+5 PUs if Allies control France.
+5 PUs if Allies control 3 of Midway, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands, and Solomon Islands.

United Kingdom: The British Empire- +5 PUs if Allies control E Canada, W Canada, Gibraltar, Egypt, Australia and South Africa.
+5 PUs if Allies control any territory originally controlled by Japan.
+5 PUs if Allies control France or the Balkans.

Soviet Union: The Great Patriotic War- +10 PUs if Allies control 3 of Norway, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Balkans.
+5 PUs if Soviets control Archangel and no allied forces in Soviet controlled territories.

China: Chinese Resistance & The Flying Tigers +1 infantry for every two territories controlled by China at the end of her turn. These infantry must be place in a territory with less than three Chinese pieces.
No Chinese Units, including the Chinese Fighter may leave Chinese territory (except for Kwangtung) (this means no entering sea zones).

Nations: Germans Russians Japanese British Italians Americans Chinese

Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser

WWIIv3 1941 UK Factory