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Download: Download 1942 Starting Set-Up
Triplelk Jason Clark - baseline
Zero Pilot Mike McCaughey - integration
ComradeKev - custom code and rules
Seidelin - playtesting

A Mod by Cernel, based on World War II v3 1942 1.7

You can Combat Move both before and after Purchase (you have 2 Combat Move phases; one before and one after the Purchase phase), using your normal total movement abilities in either (no additional movement, nor any actual rules changes), yet:
- you must not capture enemy capitals before Purchase (it may happen only if the capital is left defenceless);
- you must not repair newly conquered factories (it may happen only if the factory is left defenceless);
- moves validated by Purchase choices (landing on new carriers) can be made only after Purchase .

The Americans and Chinese mixed turn plays as per correct original rules, but with the limit that Americans always go before for Combat and go after thereafter.


      • Air/Naval Tech ***
        SUPER SUBS- submarines attack at 3
        JET POWER- fighters attack at 4
        IMPROVED SHIPYARDS- submarine, transport and destroyer costs reduced by 1; cruiser cost reduced by 2; carrier and battleship costs reduced by 3
        AA RADAR- AA guns hit on 2 or less
        LONG RANGE AIRCRAFT- aircrafts range increased by 2
        HEAVY BOMBER- roll 2 dice for each bomber in attack, but use only the lowest one, and 2 dice for each bomber in bombing raids, but use only the highest one
      • Land/Production Tech ***
        IMPROVED ARTILLERY SUPPORT- artillery support 2 infantry
        ROCKETS ADVANCE- AA guns conduct rockets attacks, with a range of 3, for 1d6 damage to production (each factory may only be targeted once per turn, and only 1 AA gun in each territory may fire) (AA guns conducting rockets attacks can't move)
        PARATROOPERS- bombers may carry 1 infantry each into hostile land territories only (both units must begin their movement in the same territory; the bomber can't make a bombing raid; the bomber must stop its Combat Move movement in the first land territory it enters that was enemy owned at start turn; if the attacked territory has only AA guns and no other defending units, the AA guns are automatically captured without firing; if the bomber is hit by AA guns, the infantry it carries is also destroyed; paratroopers alone have no way to retreat; if retreat is possible, paratroopers retreat together with all other retreating land units)
        INCREASED FACTORY PRODUCTION- factories produce 2 additional units, if territory value is 3 or greater; repair 1/2 price, rounded up
        WAR BONDS- collect 1d6 extra PUs each turn
        MECHANIZED INFANTRY- armours may carry 1 infantry each

National Objectives Germans: The Great Germanic Empire of the German Nation- +5 PUs if Axis control France, NW Europe, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland.
+5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Baltic States, E Poland, Ukraine, E Ukraine, and Belorussia.
+5 PUs if Axis control Karelia or Caucasus.

Japanese: The Greater East Asia Coprosperity Sphere- +5 PUs if Axis control Manchuria, Kiangsu, and French Indo-China.
+5 PUs if Axis control 4 of Kwangtung, E Indies, Borneo, Philippine Islands, New Guinea, and Solomon Islands.
+5 PUs if Axis control 1 of Hawaiian Islands, Australia, or India.

Italians: The March to the Oceans- +5 PUs if Axis control Italy, Balkans, Morocco, and Libya and no enemy surface ships in sea zones 13, 14, and 15.
+5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Egypt, Trans Jordan, France, and Gibraltar.

Russians: The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet People- +5 PUs if Allies control Archangel and no allied forces in Russians controlled territories.
+10 PUs if Allies control 3 of Norway, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Balkans.

British: The Commonwealth of Nations- +5 PUs if Allies control E Canada, W Canada, Gibraltar, Egypt, Australia, and Union of South Africa.
+5 PUs if Allies control any land territory originally controlled by Japanese.
+5 PUs if Allies control France or Balkans.

Americans: The Arsenal of Democracy- +5 PUs if Allies control W United States and C United States.
+5 PUs if Allies control Philippine Islands.
+5 PUs if Allies control 3 of Midway, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands, and Solomon Islands.
+5 PUs if Allies control France.

Chinese: The War of Resistance & The Flying Tigers- Chinese can't collect or capture income, nor use factory units.
+1 infantry to place for every two territories controlled by Chinese at the beginning of its turn. Place unlimited, but only in Chinese territories with less than three Chinese units at start phase, including the Chinese fighter.
Manchuria and Kiangsu are originally controlled by Chinese (not Japanese).
Chinese units, including the Chinese fighter, may enter original Chinese territories and Kwangtung only (no entering sea zones).

Victory Conditions Total Victory - 18 Victory Cities
Honorable Surrender (default) - 15 Victory Cities
Projection of Power - 13 Victory Cities

Original Game: "World War II v3 1942" version="1.7".
Changes by Cernel, Last Edited July 2017.

Nations: Japanese Russians Germans British Italians Americans Chinese

Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser

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