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Download: Repository/Experimental/WW2v3 Variants

1941 Starting Set-Up
Triplelk Jason Clark - baseline
Zero Pilot Mike McCaughey - integration
ComradeKev - custom code and rules
Seidelin - playtesting
Talibush made this MOD of ww2v3

This Version Has 3 Alliances Nazi = Germany and Italy
Asia = Russia Japan & China
Anglo = Britain American


      • Air/Naval Tech ***
        SUPER SUBS- subs attack at 3
        JET POWER- fighters attack at 4
        IMPROVED SHIPYARDS- naval units are cheaper
        AA RADAR- AA hit on 2 or less
        LONG RANGE AIRCRAFT- aircraft range increased by 2
        HEAVY BOMBER- roll 2 dice for each bomber attack
      • Land/Production Tech ***
        IMPROVED ARTILLERY SUPPORT- artillery support 2 infantry
        ROCKETS- AA conduct rocket attacks for 1d6 damage to production
        PARATROOPERS- each bomber may carry 1 infantry into combat
        INCREASED FACTORY PRODUCTION- factories produce 2 additional units, repairs 1/2 price
        WAR BONDS- collect an 1d6 extra PUs each turn
        MECHANIZED INFANTRY- tanks may carry 1 infantry each for 2 spaces

Victory Conditions Total Victory - 18 Victory Cities
Honorable Surrender - 15 Victory Cities
Projection of Power - 13 Victory Cities

Nations: Germans Russians Japanese British Italians Americans Chinese

Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser

WWIIv3 3 Alliances